Flexo-Graphics is honored to have award winning wine makers as customers. With both digital and flexographic printing capabilities, we enjoy making the labels for the wine just as much as people enjoy the fine product inside.


Make your IPAs and Pilsners have shelf appeal for your customers. Flexo-Graphics can make your labels cut through the crowd and help you highlight your brand and your beer.



Flexo-Graphics has been serving the battery industry for over 30 years. With industry proven label constructions and 100’s of dies in stock, Flexo-Graphics is a perfectly positioned to help with your battery labels.


With Flexo-Graphics many years of industrial label experience, we can help you with labels that need to meet unique requirements. Whether the application requires a warning labels, UL label, multi-panel label or outdoor label, we can help.


From protein powders to lip balms to personal body washes, Flexo-Graphics has experience making labels to help these products and their containers stand out from the crowd.

All Markets

Flexo-Graphics has expertise in: Consumer Products, Chemical, Industrial, Contract Packaging, Home Appliance, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Coupons, IRC labels, Window Clings and other Promotional label needs.


Tough Labels: Durability is in the Design

Labels are a common marketing and informational tool these days,…

Designed for Response

Our mission is to be the most customer focused provider of product branding and identification solutions… by designing, printing and delivering top quality, cost effective products on time every time.

The company was established in 1983 in Milwaukee, WI with the goal of exceeding customers’ expectations.  Today that goal remains unchanged as we build true partnerships with our customers.

With over 30 years of experience serving the industrial, consumer, food & beverage, automotive and appliance sectors, Flexo-Graphics understands the ever changing needs of its customers. We are flexible, responsive, innovative and committed to mutual success with our customers.