frame 2The company was established in 1983 in Milwaukee, WI with the goal of exceeding customers’ expectations.  Today that goal remains unchanged as we build true partnerships with our customers.

With over 30 years of experience serving the industrial, consumer, food & beverage, automotive and appliance sectors, Flexo-Graphics understands the ever changing needs of its customers. We are flexible, responsive, innovative and committed to mutual success with our customers.


•Privately owned
•Based in Milwaukee, WI Metro area
•ISO Certified facility
•UL/CSA Certified source
•2013 Eugene Singer Award
•Company Vision:   Flexo-Graphics’ vision is to supply customers within each of our serviced industries, a broad range of branding, identification, security and functional parts which will identify, enhance and add value to each of their products.


Flexo-Graphics is committed to being a national leader in the label industry. We invest heavily in our people, training, procedures, and equipment. Since 2008, we’ve added three new presses to our floor as well as a 25,000 square foot warehouse facility. In addition, we’ve implemented “Lean and Green” company initiatives to significantly impact our social responsibilities.

In 2013, we installed the first Nilpeter FB3 in the United States.  This press was strategically purchased to help maintain our cost structure as cost of raw materials increase, as well as, make a significant impact on those green initiatives. Our goal is to continue to slash waste materials and down time to be mindful of our natural resources.