Markets Served

Flexo-Graphics has a diverse set of vertical markets that we have created expertise in over the past 30 years. Our roots started in the automotive industry. Through significant capital investments in technology and people, our markets served has expanded greatly. Today we service clients throughout North America with their labeling and specialty die cutting needs.

  • Industrial Label Market
    Battery / Automotive (Tier II), O.E.M., Embedded, Electronic, Warning, Dater Application, Durable Goods
  • UL Applications
    ISO 9001-2008 Certified, U.L. and CSA approved materials
  • Wine Labels
    Custom Prime Labels, Hang tags, safety seals, neckers
  • Craft Beer Labels
    Digital Craft Beer Prime Labels, Neckers,
  • Consumer Product Labels
    Food & Beverage Packaging, Plastic Goods, Chemical Products, Home Appliances, Recreation
  • Medical, Pharma and Nutraceutical Packaging Labels
    Wet Wipe Packaging, Tubs, Cartons, Jars, Pails, Wipes, Squeeze Containers, Rigid Plastics
  • Health and Beauty Labels
    Vials, Glass Containers, PET Products, Wipes
  • Contract Packaging Label Procurement Programs
    Prime Labels, Coupons, Kit Labels, Chemical Labels
  • Security Based Label Applications
    RFID Embedded Components, Tamper Proof Seals, Specialty Inks, Foils, Holograms
  • Marketing Tools
    Instant Rebate Coupons, Window Clings, Peel and Reveal, Sweepstakes, Variable Print
  • Preprint and Imprint Programs
    Serialization, Thermal Imprinting, inkjet Imprinting
  • Private Label Programs
    SKU Management, Out-sourced Facility Management Assistance, Program Pricing

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