Dissolvable Labels For Reusable Containers

Dissolvable labels are a great way to temporarily label products where information is regularly changed, or for containers that are reused or repurposed after use. Temporary dissolvable labels are water soluble, meaning they can be easily removed with water when it is time to change the label, without leaving behind a sticky residue. If you are looking for high quality dissolvable labels that are easy to read, durable, and easily removed after use, Flexo-Graphics can help. Flexo-Graphics offers an extensive line of customizable labels, including dissolvable labels, that are perfect for industries that need to rotate inventory and regularly update storage labels of reusable containers. 

What Products and Industries Require Dissolvable Labels?

  • Laboratory Test Tubes – Glass test tubes in labs are a perfect example of reusable containers that could benefit from water soluble dissolvable labels. In lab settings, test tubes must be labeled to disclose the contents of the tube to ensure safety and accuracy. However, these test tubes aren’t just disposed of after use, so you want to use labels that are easy to remove so the tubes can be cleaned and used again.
  • Food Service Labels – In the food service industry, food storage containers are often labeled with contents to easily locate products, as well as dates to ensure food safety. As food inventory changes quickly and the storage containers are washed and restocked with new products, dissolvable labels are ideal for easy removal and replacement.
  • Storage – In warehouses and facilities where storage containers are reused and stock frequently changes, dissolvable labels are a great option to mark containers with high quality labels that can be easily removed as products are changed out.

Ready to Try Dissolvable Labels?

If you are interested in learning more about dissolvable labels, or placing an order for your own customized, dissolvable labels, contact us today!  We offer high quality labels, full customization, and unmatched customer service, to make sure you get the best labels for your needs.

dry release coupons

Using Attractive Coupon Labels to Create Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty and repeat customers are essential to running a successful business and using attractive coupon labels is a great way to keep customers coming back, to create this essential loyalty. Coupon labels provide the added benefit of being attached directly to your products, ensuring that your customers will see them, unlike traditional coupons that may get buried in flyers or mailers. If you are looking to start using coupons to promote your products – Flexo-Graphics can help you design good looking, brand appropriate, custom coupon labels in a variety of styles including conventional, folded, or layered, to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to incentivize new customers or reward return customers with coupons, these labels will be an easy and affordable way to do so. 

How to Effectively Use Custom Coupon Labels:

  • Visibility – Flexo-Graphics offers full customization of label products, allowing you to create an attractive and easy to see label in folded, layered, or conventional styles to best fit your needs and include all necessary information.
  • Easy to Use – To better serve your customers, coupon labels should adhere securely to your product, to avoid accidental loss, but they should also be easy to peel off and use when the time comes. Flexo-graphics’ labels are bonded with high quality adhesive that won’t dry out, and will allow your customer to remove the label with ease when they need to use it.
  • Call to Action – As Flexo-Graphics offers full customization, it is easy to design your coupon labels to include specific wording or requests. Typically, coupon labels that include a call to action will perform better and create more sense of urgency in returning to purchase from your brand, creating the repeat customers you are looking for.  

Ready to Try Custom Coupon Labels for your Product?

If you are interested in using coupon labels to grow your customer base, Flexo-Graphics is happy to help. Flexo-Graphics is a trusted label provider who will help you create the best, high quality labels for your needs, for a competitive price. Contact us today to learn more.


Why Are Industrial Safety Labels Important?

Industrial safety labels are essential for protecting users who may be operating machinery, handling chemicals, or other objects that could cause damage and personal harm with improper use. As industrial safety labels serve as vital safety precautions, it is equally as important that these labels are durable and can hold up in tough conditions like extreme weather, temperatures, or rugged conditions. If you are looking for high quality industrial safety labels that are affordable and durable, Flexo-Graphics can help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Industrial Safety Labels

  • Durability – Flexo-Graphics industrial safety labels are created to be extremely durable to withstand the extreme conditions they are exposed to. Flexo-Graphics offers chemical resistant, UV resistant, water proof, and weather proof industrial labels, backed with strong adhesive to make sure they are visible and stay in place for as long as you need them.
  • Customization – Flexo-Graphics offers full customization, to ensure that your labels are designed to your liking and read exactly as you choose, to be compliant with office or governmental requirements.
  • Customer Service – Flexo-Graphics offers unmatched customer service as well as services like customization, graphics and file management, print schedule management, and so much more to make designing and ordering your custom industrial safety labels easy.

Need Industrial Safety Labels?

If you are interested in purchasing industrial safety labels or learning more about Flexo-graphics, contact us today. Flexo-Graphics is a versatile and affordable print company who has the knowledge and experience to help you create the perfect labels for your specific needs. In addition to industrial safety labels, Flexo-Graphics can help you with all of your label and branding needs. For everything from standard one sided product labels to code compliant industrial safety labels, and everything in between, we have you covered.



Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, hand sanitizer is in high demand. If your business is producing large amounts of hand sanitizer to keep up with demands, you will need to find a provider of custom hand sanitizer labels that can keep up with the new stock you are producing. Many people are in need of hand sanitizer in our current climate, and using hand sanitizer labels that are clear and easy to read, keeping your customers informed, will add a layer of comfort when they need it most. If you are in need of high quality, affordable, custom hand sanitizer labels, Flexo-Graphics is ready to help.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics Hand Sanitizer Labels:

  • Customization – Flexo-Graphics offers full customization for you to include branding, logos, safety information, proper use instructions, or any other information you would like to share with your consumers on a variety of label styles. Your labels should be memorable and informative and Flexo-Graphics makes this easy to do.
  • Variety – Flexo-Graphics offers a wide variety of durable labels from standard one sided labels to multi panel labels, waterproof labels, and so much more. With this wide variety, Flexo-Graphics is sure to help you find the label that works best for your particular needs.
  • Convenience – Flexo-Graphics offers services including customization, graphics and file management, print schedule management, e-tools, top notch customer service, and so much more, all from their website to make your label ordering experience as easy as possible.

Need Hand Sanitizer Labels?

If you need to print custom hand sanitizer labels, contact us today. Flexo-Graphics is a long time supplier of durable, high quality labels, who has the tools and knowledge to help you find exactly what you need.



Why Use Custom Product Marketing Labels?

Using custom product labels is a great way to build brand awareness and highlight key features about your brand or product. Custom product marketing labels can contain information and artwork like your original logos, business name, contact info, or any eye catching imagery and information that you want your customers to associate with you. Product marketing labels, tell your customers in a glance what your product is and what your brand is about, so it is important to put your best foot forward when creating your labels. Important aspects to consider when creating your custom labels are aesthetics, size, function, and durability. Working with the right label provider will give you the ability to create the best product marketing labels for your needs.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Product Marketing Labels:

  • Durability – Flexo-Graphics offers various coatings and laminates to protect labels from water, weather, uv rays, and other damaging elements. Flexo-Graphics can help you produce a label that will resist fading and tarnishing despite the conditions that your product will be used in.
  • Design – Labels from Flexo-Graphics are completely customizable. Our team will work with you to choose the best size, style, adhesive for your needs while incorporating your original artwork and branding.
  • Versatility – Flexo-Graphics produces a wide range of labels for different uses. Clean release labels, industrial labels, wine and beer labels, metallics materials, peel and reseal labels, and so much more are available from Flexo-Graphics.

Need Custom Product Marketing Labels?

If you are interested in purchasing custom labels for your products, that will catch the eyes of your customers and keep your name in the forefront of their memory, contact us today! When you work with Flexo-Graphics, you receive full freedom to design the best label to suit your specific needs.


What Are Clean Release Labels?

Clean release labels are durable product labels that strongly bond to your product, but can be easily removed and re-positioned or reused. Removing traditional labels can leave adhesive and residue on your product, and can be difficult to peel or remove. Clean release labels will leave behind no residue and will peel off cleanly without the need for additional cleaning. For this reason, clean release labels work great for warehouse equipment, containers, shelving, and other products that need to be periodically re-labeled with new information, bar codes, or names. Clean release labels can save time and money by eliminating the need to spend time on removal, and can be easily re-positioned and reused which helps to cut down on waste. Clean release labels are durable, easy to use, and a great option for any business.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Clean Release Labels

● Easy Cleanup – No scrubbing, scraping, or labor is required to remove these labels. Simply peel off to easily remove or reposition without leaving behind any residue or sign of the old label.
● Customizable – Flexo-Graphics will work with you to create the perfect size, style, and design for your specific needs.
● Durable – Clean release labels are designed to withstand the tests of time, without fading or deterioration. These labels have been created to survive long term use. The strong adhesive and protective coating ensure the quality and longevity of your clean release labels.

Where to Buy Clean Release Labels

If you are interested in purchasing clean release labels for your business, contact us today. Flexo-Graphics offers a diverse line of customizable product labels, including clean release labels. Our customer service team is happy to work with you on design, size, adhesive, coating and more to make sure you receive the best labels for your needs.


Why Use Waterproof Labels?

Using waterproof labels is a great way to ensure your branding and information does not tarnish or peel off when exposed to damp environments. Items such as beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products, and hand soaps, are best labeled with waterproof labels as they are often exposed to water, ice, and other moisture that could cause traditional labels to fade and peel off. Product labels can contain everything from branding and artwork to safety warnings and proper use instructions. Ensuring that your labels stay put and are easy to read is in the best interest of you and your consumers. If you are in need of durable, waterproof labels, you need to find a reliable label printer to work with, who can provide you with high quality labels without breaking the bank. When you choose to work with Flexo-Graphics, you will receive this and more. 

Benefits Flexo-Graphics Waterproof Labels

  • Versatile – Various label styles can be made waterproof or weather proof with the different coating and laminate options offered by flexo-graphics. This allows you to not have to sacrifice style or functionality by being able to select from a wide variety of labels styles.
  • Customizable – Flexo-Graphics offers many different templates as well as fully customizable labels, that allow you to brand and style your products exactly how you wish. Size, material, adhesive, coating, and aesthetic can all be customized to create your perfect label.
  • Durable Flexo-Graphics offers a variety of adhesives and finishes to help your labels stand the test of time, despite the conditions your products are exposed to. UV, temperature, weather, water, and more can be combated by our durable labeling options.

Waterproof labels are an easy and cost effective way to ensure your labels’ durability. If you are interested in learning more about Flexo-Graphics and our selection of labels and proofing options contact us today!




Why Are Safety and Warning Labels Important?

Safety and warning labels are necessary to keep consumers safe when using goods like medication, cleaning products, chemicals, batteries, and other products that could harm the user with improper use. Safety and warning labels can include age restrictions, drug interactions, instructions for use, and other information that will keep your consumers safe and ensure they understand how to use your product properly. Since many consumers rely on these safety and warning labels to keep themselves and their families safe, it is important that the safety and warning labels you place on your products are durable and easy to read, ensuring your users can always access the information they need. 

Safety and Warning Label Uses:

  • Emergency Information – Many medications, topical creams, and other products that can cause sickness or irritation with improper use, should include emergency information on who to contact for help or how to react if improper use should occur.
  • Risk Awareness – Products that are not safe to be used by people who are dealing with certain medical conditions or pregnancy can include warning labels to ensure the user is aware of any danger.
  • Handling Instructions – Any products that require safety precautions or protective gear for use should have these instructions clearly spelled out so the user fully understands how to handle products like tools, chemicals, or cleaning agents before use.

Where to Buy Safety and Warning Labels

If your business is in need of high quality labels, Flexo-Graphics can help. For safety and warning labels, peel and reseal labels, branding labels and so much more Flexo-Graphics has you covered. Flexo-Graphics offers a full line of customizable labels that are durable, easy to read, and will withstand conditions like heat and cold without fading. To learn more about Flex-Graphics or safety and warning labels, contact us today.


What Are Compliance Labels and Why Are They Necessary?

Compliance Labels are necessary labeling for any kind of consumer product that must meet regulatory requirements or requires you to provide the user with pertinent information such as safety information, environmental hazards, or government warnings. Compliance labels also include any information that the brand or business deem necessary for use.  Products that are FDA regulated or must meet a set of government standards often require compliance labels. If your business manufactures and produces items that must include compliance labels, you will want to find a reliable label and print company that can provide you with high quality, accurate compliance labels.

What types of products should use compliance labels?

  • Food and Beverages
  • Batteries
  • Pesticides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals

Often times products that are intended to be consumed, used as chemical treatments, or pose potential harm or danger to the user need to have a compliance label. Items like these and many others that must follow FDA or EPA guidelines require that you provide your users with necessary information to ensure their safety and inform them of any risk involved in the use of your product. If your business produces products like these, you should consider working with Flexo-Graphics for any needs you have when it comes to compliance labels.

Who is Flexo-Graphics?

Flexo-Graphics is a long time supplier of labeling products to manufacturers. From graphic management, to printed branding, and compliance labels, Flexo-Graphics serves as a one stop shop for all your labeling needs. With over four decades of experience in the label industry Flexo-Graphics has the experience and tools to help you create the best custom labels for your business’ specific needs.

If you would like to learn more about compliance labels or are interested in working with Flexo-Graphics to create compliance labels for your products contact us today. Our customer service team is ready to help you find your next label.


Why Use Removable Labels for Glass Containers?

Removable labels on glass jars, bottles, or other containers provide several benefits to your customers, especially when using products that require the label to be removed for use. Removable labels easily peel off in a clean manner leaving behind virtually no sticky residue. This is essential for any glass container that is sealed with a label or products like electronics that have stickers or decals that need to be removed before using. Removable labels ensure that the customer can freely use the product without having to touch any left behind reside that may collect debris over time with use. Another added benefit of using removable labels is that glass containers can be easily cleaned and reused or recycled for other purposes. This helps to reduce waste and is an added convenience for your customers as cleaning and reuse is made easy with removable labels.  

What products should use removable labels?

  • Cosmetic Jars
  • Wine and Beer Bottles
  • Window Decals (e.g. Price tags on car windows at dealerships)
  • Label Sealed Jars
  • Electronic’s Screens and Buttons

Looking to buy high quality removable labels?

If your business manufactures and supplies glass products or electronics that require labels you should consider shopping Flexo-Graphics’ line of durable, high quality, removable labels. Flexo-Graphics is a one stop shop for custom labels, inserts, and other print needs for manufacturing consumer goods. In addition to high quality labels, Flexo-Graphics also offers graphics and files management, providing all the essential tools to design the best custom removable labels for your business’ needs.

If you are interested in browsing Flexo-Graphics’ supply of removable labels, visit us here today.  From labels, to inserts, and all other graphic and print needs, Flexo-Graphics has the tools to help your manufacturing succeed. Call or visit us online today to get a quote for custom removable labels.



Protecting Users with Product Insert Labels

Product insert labels are used with products like over the counter medications to provide vital information to customers to ensure safe use of the product. Often times the packaging that contains various types of medication does not provide enough usable space to effectively deliver all the use instructions, and drug facts to your customers. It is the responsibility of the provider to provide their customers with any information, side effects, age restrictions, and other guidelines to keep the user safe and informed. An effective and cost friendly way to do this when space is limited, is with the use of high quality product insert labels. Whether you need to convey accurate dosage guidelines, expand upon contact information, or legal disclaimers, product insert labels can effectively convey your message.

Who can use Product Insert Labels?

Any business that manufactures and packages items like medications, supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, or other consumer goods that require additional instructions or safety information can benefit from the use of product insert labels, to deliver their message without having to drastically alter the packaging design.  If your business is interested in providing additional product information with insert labels Flexo-Graphics can help you to design a custom insert for your specific needs.

Flexo-Graphics offers an extensive line of custom labels, inserts, and other custom graphics products for commercial distribution and manufacturing. Everything from product labels, to graphic logo management, and product inserts can be made custom and easy with Flexo-Graphics’ team of experts.

If you are interested in contacting Flexo-Graphics to learn more about product insert labels, get a quote, or browse the other services and products that are offered, contact us here today! Our customer service team is ready to help you find the best custom labels and insert products for your needs.



Why Use Extended Text Labels for Medication Bottles?

Extended text labels are great for delivering additional information when space is limited. Medication bottles often need to include a lot of important information about dosage, proper use, side effects, and more that keep users safe. If the bottle simply uses a standard label it is hard to provide all of the necessary information in the available space. Extended text labels are the obvious solution to this issue as they easily fold out from the bottle, greatly increasing usable space, allowing you to convey in depth the information needed to keep your consumers safe and informed. There is no need to increase the size of your product’s packaging when you can simply increase the usable label space with extended text labels.

What other products could benefit from the use of extended text labels?

  • Medicines
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Protein Powders
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Cosmetics

Many industries, including both medical and general consumer goods, can benefit from using these extended labels for their products. Whether you need to convey allergen facts, proper use instructions, environmental facts, contact information, or legal disclaimers, extended text labels will get the job done in an efficient and affordable manner.

Ready to Learn More About Extended Text Labels?

If your business is interested in implementing the use of extended text labels to further explain your product facts, reach out to Flexo-Graphics for a competitive label quote. No matter what your product or message is, Flexo-Graphics can help you design the perfect extended label for your needs with custom dimensions and design aspects. Whether you are looking to include more extensive branding for promotion, or provide additional language options to your product description, Flexo-Graphics can help with their wide variety of materials and design tools. Contact us today to learn more about how extended text labels can benefit your business.

neutraceutical marketing

Nutraceutical Marketing – Why the Label Matters Most

Nutraceutical marketing is a broad term including dietary supplements, food additives, and other nutrient enriched products offering health benefits to the user. The benefits could be a specific vitamin or supplement the individual might be missing from their diet. Over the years, this market has exploded as more individuals seek alternative options over the expensive cost of medical care. This interest also increases the competitiveness of product manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry.

Effective labeling is one way to boost product presence in nutraceutical marketing. The more your product stands out, the better the chance of gaining new and repeat customers. It is so easy for an item to get lost among the competition on the shelf. While you cannot always control where an item is placed, measures can be taken to ensure noticeability. Two important trends continue to take place in this industry:

1. A large part of the population is rapidly aging.
2. People are becoming increasingly health conscious.

New products are constantly pouring into the market to meet this ever-growing demand. Take a second to look at the health bar choices in a grocery store and then magnify the overwhelming degree of choices. Regardless of the product type, competition is guaranteed!

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Whether you are new to nutraceutical marketing or a seasoned veteran, several approaches can be taken to boost consumer appeal including simple labeling changes. One of the first steps to successful labeling and marketing is becoming familiar with your target market. Take time to evaluate where a product falls within the industry and where it is going. This will help in developing a marketing campaign including logos, product slogans, packing, and labeling combination capable of getting merchandise noticed.

Next, steps must be taken to build up your brand including the right pairing of elements to get it noticed among the many choices on the consumer shelf. The truth is a customers first impression will most likely come from one of four inspirations:

• Store Shelf
• Online Store
• Advertising Campaign
• Referral (Friend, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

While recognition may come from other locations as well, these are frequently common for learning about a new or existing product. A memorable logo and slogan work great for gaining attention. Incorporating this into a well-designed label will make it easier to attract customers online and in stores.

As the marketing cornerstone of any type of merchandise, the label must not only meet federal guidelines, but also provide a clear message to consumers. It needs to be professional, easy to understand, and designed to peak interest in your target marketing demographic. Consumers want products that have been created using sustainable methods, are environmentally friendly, and offer the healthiest option. A sale is more likely if this message is conveyed by grabbing the consumers attention with this information.

Need Support with Neutraceutical Marketing?

Our team at Flexo-Graphics would love to help you put together a label design to further promote your brand and gain the attention of consumers. If you are uncertain as to what materials and options are best or simply need someone to help put your product image to reality, contact us today!


Product Development Labels – Your Design Should Reach Out to Customers

The choices you make throughout each phase of creating a product development label will contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. A label is the first thing any customer will see when viewing your product in a retail environment and the last part of any marketing campaign.

Several factors play a pivotal role in how the final design appears after application to the product. The wrong font, color, adhesives, or materials can be detrimental to the final appearance. As you begin to make design choices for this important element of your merchandise, it is essential to assess how each choice will complement the other to have a flowing, appealing design.

Creating a Design to Get the Most Out of Product Development Labels

A label is the last form of marketing provided to potential customers and this makes it an important component to achieving sales. Take enough time to consider the following characteristics of product development labels before choosing a final design:

  • Colors – This element communicates as much information as words if not more. A color is able to convey a specific feeling, flavor, or unique scent. It will either draw the individual to make a purchase or send them off to buy from a competitor.
  • Images – Much like the use of hues, images also convey their own message. They should be perfectly balanced with colors and text to avoid confusion.
  • Fonts – Too many fonts or large variances in font sizes will take away from the simplicity and beauty of a good label. Choose a single font and stick with it for all text.
  • Size – The size should appropriately match the available space as one that is too small will not be as easy to see. An oversized version will not look appealing due to wrinkles or folds.

These four elements are imperative to any product development label and due to this it is essential to carefully consider your options. Remember to include contact information to prevent customer frustration. Use the perfect combination of images, colors, and text to tell a story, create unique designs with varying images, or to add interesting facts about the product.

Flexo-Graphics provides several choices and years of experience you can draw from when putting together product development labels. If you have a specific idea in mind, our team will work with you create a custom design that makes your idea a reality. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Read the Date Codes on Your Batteries

Many battery manufacturers and installers use a date code system to help establish warranty dates. You will often see a label on the top of your car battery that has a date code systems similar to the one shown below. The dates typically represent the month and year in which the battery was installed into your car.

The photo below shows a battery that was installed in April of 2015. Your warranty will be dependent on service range of your battery. This is typically 24, 36, or 48 months. See your battery installer for more details.


Battery Buying Group for Battery Manufacturers

If you are a battery manufacturer looking for quality labels, we can help. Flexo-graphics  has been servicing battery manufacturers for over 30 years. Your company will benefit from our vast experience and from joining our battery buying group. Find out how to join here!


“Made in Wisconsin” Labels – Is Your Business Missing Out on an Important Marketing Tool?

Wisconsin is a leading producer in a number of industries from food and beverage items, household cleaning products to industrial and automotive manufacturing solutions. It has been an ongoing movement for local consumers to buy products made in the state to support the local communities. As part of this movement, organizations are using “Made in Wisconsin” labels to inform customers of where their product is manufactured or produced. The trend is so widespread that lists can be found online of companies in this particular state who sell goods to consumers!

The “Made in Wisconsin” label has grown in popularity as many companies are embracing the slogan and their roots as a Wisconsin-based business. Including this information on a product has become a way for each company to show their pride to the state and encourage local buying. It promises high quality to each customer and serves as a beacon of the hard work put into every produced product. This is more than just a label; it is a testament of what Wisconsin stands for.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward to Customers

Competition is fierce today with the number of online businesses, locally sourced products, and international offerings made available to consumers. Just like organic products, each company needs a way to distinguish themselves from the competition. The “Made in Wisconsin” statement is a pivotal marketing tool for your business!

Whether you manufacture heavy equipment or produce cranberries, this statement places an important status on each product where it is resides. Benefits gained from including “Made in Wisconsin” labels on products include:

  • Made in America
  • High Quality
  • Locally Sourced
  • Support for Local Economy
  • Support of Local Workers

When customers buy your products, they are supporting the local and U.S. economy. This ensures American workers are able to keep their jobs in Wisconsin and money from purchases go back into these communities. It also serves as a statement of the quality you provide to customers.

If you operate in Wisconsin and do not include this on products, you may be  missing out on an important status symbol that could increase business! If your products are “Made In Wisconsin” and you would like to include this statement on your product line, please reach out to Flexo-graphics to help with a label revision.  Contact us today to learn more!


Serialized Labels – A Great Approach to Improving Business Processes and Customer Service

Most companies today implement methods to track products, maintain inventory, and to perform additional actions with the aid of technology. Serialized labels offer a way to track information based on more specific data including a serial number. They make it possible for businesses to improve implemented practices and are extremely helpful in the following areas:

  • Inventory Management
  • Providing Product Data
  • Keeping Track of Certain Data Internally
  • Improving Warranty Processes
  • Supporting Logistics

Serialized labels offer a data driven solution capable of increasing business process performance and the overall customer experience. These labels can frequently be found on computers, appliances, and even medicines for improved service. They allow a company to track various aspects of a product outside of the manufacturer and price.

How are Serialized Labels Different?

Traditionally, bar codes have been used to track and manage products or inventory for businesses. However, bar codes do not provide the same level of data as what can be obtained from a serialized label. A bar code will show basic information about the product. For example, a product on a shelf will have a bar code that provides the product name and price. If it is linked to an inventory system, then it may also provide the stock count when scanned.

Serialized labels can be found on products with warranties, electronic items, or any product where additional data is necessary. They help companies quickly service the product and meet customer needs. Due to the nature of these labels, they are designed to adhere to many surfaces as well as can be customized to meet specific needs. Nameplates are a good example because they contain these details:

  • Model Number
  • Weight and Size
  • Manufacturer Price
  • Purchase Date
  • Manufacturing Date

These are just a few details you can include on a serialized label based on needs. This type of label is also important any time a warranty is provided with the product. As a business, these types of labels can be used on consumer products or internally to accomplish specific tasks. Flexo-Graphics offers several printing solutions to help meet our customer’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about our serialized label options.


Is a Midwest Flexographic Printer Right for Your Business?

Flexographic printing is an excellent choice for a number of substrates including plastic and label stock. The process uses quick-dry inks on plates to complete the print, which is applied using plates on a rotating cylinder. This method is best suited for larger bulk orders and long runs where the print will be used consistently over a period of time. A Midwest flexographic printer is a great option for product packaging or labeling needs because orders are often larger, with extended print runs.

When is Flexography the Best Choice?

With this type of printing, ink plates rotate to place the image on the substrate material. This particular process allows for continuous printing with minimal interruption. Occasional interruptions are necessary to load more substrate during the process. Flexographic printing methods have many benefits including:

  • Increased Production Speed
  • Versatile Substrate Choices
  • Perfect for Continuous Prints
  • Supports Needs of Long Runs
  • All Processes Completed at Once

A Midwest flexographic printer is a great local solution when you need a long run or large print order. This is because every process is completed consecutively in one print run including printing, finishing, and die cutting. This option is not as ideal for short runs because the set up takes longer and the cost is higher.

Choosing the Right Midwest Flexographic Printer is Essential

Experience is a key factor in selecting a professional to create product packaging, labels or other needed items. Flexography is not the right choice for every need. A provider with extensive experience will be able to help you determine if this is the right option. While this choice has become the go to for many companies, your requirements will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. It is best to see a Midwest flexographic printer who is able to offer other types of printing services as well to ensure each individual need is met.

Flexography may work for some printing requirements, but another approach might be necessary for short prints or limited time runs. Having a professional capable of handling both of these needs will prove to be beneficial. Flexo-Graphics has more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry and will work with you to determine what options best suit each order. Contact us today to learn more!


Bulk Printing Services are the Perfect Solution for Routine Orders

Bulk printing services are designed to meet the needs of companies or organizations requiring consistent large batches with the same designs. Common uses are for large, routine prints where changes rarely occur such as labels. This is not an ideal choice for small counts where the design changes frequently.

Bulk printing services are cost-effective and offer a faster turnaround time than alternative options. Additionally, they deliver easy application whether using inkjet, laser, or another method. This option is often used for the following:

  • Posters
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Labels

These services are frequently used for marketing materials and communication purposes for large companies; however, they are highly beneficial in other scenarios as well.

When is Bulk Printing an Option?

Bulk printing services offer additional convenience in instances where design changes rarely occur, and needs remain consistent. The choice lowers print expenses and reduces shipping costs for any business. Buying in bulk also decreases the amount of generated waste, which is great for the environment! It is not the best choices in the following scenarios:

  • Short Print Runs
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Frequent Design Changes
  • Changing Count Needs
  • Limited Storage Space Available

Buying in bulk means that you will need to be able to store the prints in a location where they will not be damaged until use. Additionally, it limits marketing or design changes. The current print will need to be used or discarded to initiate these types of changes. Finally, it is not cost effective unless a large quantity is needed.

When considering bulk printing services, it is best to first evaluate your specific needs. If the count is small or your marketing campaign changes often, then this is not the best option. However, if you have a storage location and the item will not go bad, then bulk printing services are more viable. If you are still on the fence about this decision, our team at Flexo-Graphics is here to help. Give us a call today and we will be glad to discuss this printing option in further detail with you!


Single Serve Packaging – Keep the Focus on Consumer Lifestyles and Needs

Whether its buying refills for a coffee maker or protein pouches to get through a busy day, consumers love the convenience offered by single serve packaging. This market has exploded due to a number of factors ranging from service and hospitality needs to the desires of individual consumers. Single serve packaging provides just the right amount for one person without a hefty list of instructions or the need to find a place to put the leftovers!

If your business offers one serve products in the food, healthcare, personal hygiene, or another industry, then this type of packaging is an imperative part of your marketing campaign. The wrong materials or design could make your product difficult to use or less appealing. Consumers like the value offered by this choice because they are not making more than is needed. It is a practical, convenient choice for a variety of products as well.

What Makes Single Serve Packaging a Success?

Single serve packaging has become a lifestyle for individuals and service businesses use these same products to cater to their own customers. Whether you sell coffee to a hotel chain or a single dose of ibuprofen, this choice offers the benefits individuals seek to match their lifestyle needs. Here are a few ways single serve packaging is used to market to consumers:

  • Portion Control – With the number of individuals trying to jump on the health bandwagon, this trend has exploded as a way to maintain health and better manage what is consumed.
  • Easy Transport – Smaller packing means the item is easier to carry and can easily be stored in a purse, locker, or other restricted space.
  • Meet Regulations – For some industries, single serve packaging is used to meet strict guidelines such as when flying. When products fall within these guidelines, your business is immediately ahead of the competition.
  • Easy to Open – Customers do not have to struggle to access or open the product. This is especially important in the healthcare industry where packages must have several qualities such as tamper-evidence and easy use.

If your company offers single serve products, then the type of packaging and design will play a pivotal role in overall success. Flexo-Graphics can help by providing the perfect labels and packaging solutions to your business. Contact us today to learn more!

resealable packaging

Resealable Packaging – The New “Norm” in Product Marketing

Remember those times when you would go to open something such as wet wipes or another item and there was no option to reseal the package? This was a frustrating event because the product would go stale, dry out, or be ruined in another way. Resealable packaging has grown in popularity because it is convenient and maintains qualities such as freshness. The packaging can be seen in every industry from food to baby supplies.

Why Is Resealable Packaging Preferred by Consumers?

Resealable packaging and labels are frequently used to recreate the seal for a number of consumer items. Labels also provide increased room that may be used to place marketing or safety information. As a business selling to the public, these innovations provide several benefits including:

  • Increased Protection
  • Longer Food Shelf Life
  • Less Waste
  • Improved Value
  • Better Product Visibility

When resealable packaging options are used, it creates an opportunity to showcase your product to consumers. This merchandise is easy to open, close, and carry. Not to mention, customers are able to see the product before they buy it at a retail location. These are just a few of the reasons why customers prefer resealable packaging.

A Trend Worth Following by Businesses

The above are all great reasons why resealable packaging is consistently used in the marketplace for a variety of products. If you have not incorporated measures to leverage this option, it is time to consider how it can benefit your business. For example, food products have an extended shelf life, do not become stale, and do not get freezer burn. In other industries, the packaging type delivers greater convenience, improved functionality, and increased usability.

Studies have shown that a large percentage of consumers prefer resealable packaging and will pay a higher price for products with this feature. A large portion of customers choose the brand of product in a store environment and see products with this feature as having more value. Resealable packaging is a smart choice for businesses in every industry due to these reasons. If you are seeking a dependable provider for this business effort, contact us today to learn more about our resealable packaging choices.

Unique Products: How Print on Demand and Inventory Systems Synchronize

LifecylePrint on demand is a business process in which printed material, including product packaging like labels, are printed to order based on the customer’s request. Inventory systems management is a practice companies perform to manage inventory of customer specific stock products. Print on demand jobs and the management of stock inventory may seem to be at cross purposes, but they actually work together to benefit a wide variety of businesses in the following ways.

  1. Stock Inventory Programs offer peace of mind

Flexo-Graphics carries a large inventory of customer specific labels and packaging parts in its warehouse. The items are stocked, based on agreements with clients. Typically each product will have a maximum and minimum on-hand quantity to ensure product is available to ship within 24 hours. Clients rely on the inventory systems of Flexo-Graphics for a peace of mind knowing product is stored in a secure and climate controlled warehouse, and is available upon a click of a button.

  1. Stock Inventory Programs are perfect for mature products

History has shown us that inventory programs meet the needs of a broad array of customers, but generally best fit client’s with product lines that are at a mature market level. Products with a stable demand benefit by having Flexo-Graphics print larger and predictable quantities of the product, then storing in the warehouse for future release. Our online portal allows customers to see real-time data about product levels, and even place stock product orders.

  1. Print on Demand meets market need for label on seasonal or short term products.

When it comes to the product packaging and labeling, there are quite a few reasons why the same customer who needs utilizes an inventory program may also need a print on demand solution. One of the most common reasons is the need for short run season products, or event based products. Often times products are offered for a limited time, and thus do not require larger volumes of labels printed. Furthermore, marketers are becoming savvier by introducing products in response to an event or action, so time to market to essential and print on demand labels fit the bill.

  1. Print on Demand is ideal for beginning or end of life product cycles.

Initially, many organizations are unsure as to the market demand for their products. Print on demand labels are then a perfect fit for products coming to market. Print enough labels for the initial launch, and then migrate the label to a stock item as demand stabilizes. Furthermore, as a product is phased out of the market, companies are using print on demand labels to reduce the potential obsolesce of label as the product retires. Print only what you need; when you need it.

Need help with determining your inventory and print on demand solution?

Whether you need a stocking program or a print on demand to program, Flexo-Graphics can meet your needs. With a climate controlled warehouse that is internet accessible 24 hours a day, to a state of the art digital center to print labels on demand, Flexo-Graphics is ideally positioned to help.

To learn how we can help you with your business-critical operations, please call us today at (262) 790-2740, or use the contact form on our website, to schedule a free consultation.

3 Considerations for Food Packaging Labels

If your business makes products that require third party food packaging labels, the capabilities you receive from your service provider can affect your operating costs and revenue in relation to three factors: product test marketing, package design flexibility, and printing on demand. Below, we take a look at each factor, and explain its importance to the packaging process.

  1. Product Test Marketing

In the IT world, there’s a discipline known as A/B testing, which measures the effectiveness of two or more factors that apply to the same thing. For example, a newly developed website might first feature a corporate spokesperson video on the homepage, then replace the video with a product demonstration video. The video option that generates the best site performance becomes the option of choice.

You can do the same thing with food packaging labels. For example, you might try different colors, materials, fonts, etc., and then choose the best options after testing them in the marketplace. Digitally printed packaging is a fast, flexible, cost effective way to perform the process.

  1. Package Design Flexibility

As mentioned above, the package design flexibility that digital printing offers has a direct impact on a business’ ability to test packaging options — and make necessary — changes within a narrow timeframe. But the flexibility that digital printing offers serves another need, as well.

If any of your products have ingredient changes, require new information mandated by the Food & Drug Administration, or you need to replace a photo due to copyright issues, etc., the changes can be made quickly and economically compared to older printing technologies. What’s more, digital creates exceptionally refined graphics that “pop out” on the package.

  1. On-Demand Printing

On-demand printing (a.k.a. print on demand) is a discipline in which a business’ printed materials are supplied on an as-needed basis. In some cases, the practice is used to create unusually small print runs. In other cases, the practice is leveraged to request unusually large print runs.

In either situation, on-demand printing helps businesses save money by letting them purchase what they need for the best price (i.e. a low price by ordering only as much packaging as needed or a discount price by ordering packaging in bulk).

How Flexo-Graphics can Help

A particular brand of food that develops a reputation for tasting great often “sells itself”, according to a well-known statement from sales and marketing. However, in order to develop that reputation, a new food must obviously tried for the first time — and our digitally printed, high-quality food packaging labels help make this happen. After the food is tried and loved, the label reinforces the brand, and makes it highly visible on store shelves.

To receive a free evaluation of how our best-in-class food packaging labels can help you bring your products to market and stimulate sales, give us a call today at (262) 790-2740, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to learning about your business and its line of carefully crafted products.


Holiday Wine Labels – Join in on the Fun and Get Noticed!

Celebrative events are a common theme as fall comes sweeping in and this makes the holidays an ideal time to consider an eye-catching, festive marketing campaign. Whether you want to convey a fun theme or want to be the talk of all the New Year’s parties, holiday wine labels provide an affordable way to get your product noticed! How can you use this celebrative time to boost product awareness and get more sales? The easiest way is to design a simple holiday wine label that appeals to the fun and festive side of every consumer. A great image or slogan is often all it takes to stand out during this time of the year.

A Wine Label for Every Event

There are plenty of festive calendar days to choose from in the upcoming months and this provides several marketing opportunities. Consider what a custom holiday wine label can do for your product for the following festive occasions:

  • Halloween – While you might envision little children dressed up in costumes asking for candy, adults often celebrate this event too with their own parties. Consider using common themes such as pumpkins or ghosts as well as some spooky wording to be part of these events.
  • Thanksgiving – It is common for wine to be at the table during these important gatherings. A nicely themed label could be the difference between remaining on the shelf and being part of the table centerpiece.
  • Christmas – This is an advantageous time to increase sales at multiple angles. A beautiful design can ensure your product is provided at business parties, local events, and in every home. Not to mention, wine is a common gift and a great label does play a role in the selection process!
  • New Years – Yes, champagne is a common item during this festive event; however, many individuals do not partake in this drink and choose wine. Use a holiday wine label to get noticed and be in the center of the action.

These events are a great time to increase brand awareness, gain repeat customers, and join in on the fun. Every time someone sees your product at an event, the potential of gaining another dedicated customer significantly increases. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team at Flexo-Graphics today to start putting together the perfect design!

4 Reasons Not to Use an Online Label Template

Competition can bring out the best in companies. It can drive innovation and quality, plus lead to collective learning. It can increase knowledge which leads to improved customer service and experience. While there are many advantages of competition that keep a business healthy, there can be some drawbacks as well. Sometimes, in order to stay competitive, businesses look for ways to reduce costs getting their product to market. If you can reduce your costs and either maintain or improve quality, then that’s a no-brainer. These cost cuts will actually improve your bottom line, but what if quality actually suffers? Your business is likely headed toward poor long term results.
One area businesses may focus on for cost cutting is product labeling. Below we look at why going with a cheaper labeling template may not actually improve business or save money in the long run.

Top Four Reasons to Stay Away from Online Label Templates

  1. While online templates may seem easier for short term speed to market, the use of a graphic designer will prepare you for long term success of replicating your brand look. Some online logos, designs, and lookouts are not portable to your other brand needs.
  2. Online template and order sites often have very generic stocks and adhesives. The stock and adhesive are critical to making sure the labels stay on the exact substrate. Are you comfortable with a general “permanent adhesive”? We’ve seen generically identified “permanent” adhesives have good staying power on a box, but may lift away easily on a bottle or on a metal component.
  3. Online templates are fairly successful at capturing single, stand-alone labels, but what if you have 4 or 5 or 10 labels with the same size, and need. More than likely a traditional label converter will be able to create a buying program that fits you better, and paying for 4 or 5 or 10 different label orders with no economies of scale.
  4. Online template and order sites are often a service provider and not a true manufacturer of labels. Do you know the service provider? Will they be in business for a long time? Do they have real printing equipment? Do they have to call someone else that actually is printing your product if you have a customer service question.

Flexo-graphics has been around for a long time and will continue to be. Online template and order companies can serve a purpose, but if you are looking to build a long term brand and want answers form the source, and real life people assist, Call Us.

Looking for an Experienced, Trusted Label Supplier?

If so, Flexo-Graphics is your ideal destination. We offer a variety of label solutions for different label applications and provide a great selection of product labels, among other benefits. To learn how we can use our special expertise to create precisely the type of labels you need, call today at (262) 790-2740, or fill out our contact form.


Holiday Wine Labels – Join in on the Fun and Get Noticed!

Celebrative events are a common theme as fall comes sweeping in and this makes the holidays an ideal time to consider an eye-catching, festive marketing campaign. Whether you want to convey a fun theme or want to be the talk of all the New Year’s parties, holiday wine labels provide an affordable way to get your product noticed!

How can you use this celebrative time to boost product awareness and get more sales? The easiest way is to design a simple holiday wine label that appeals to the fun and festive side of every consumer. A great image or slogan is often all it takes to stand out during this time of the year.

A Label for Every Event

There are plenty of festive calendar days to choose from in the upcoming months and this provides several marketing opportunities. Consider what a custom holiday wine label can do for your product for the following festive occasions:

  • Halloween – While you might envision little children dressed up in costumes asking for candy, adults often celebrate this event too with their own parties. Consider using common themes such as pumpkins or ghosts as well as some spooky wording to be part of these events.
  • Thanksgiving – It is common for wine to be at the table during these important gatherings. A nicely themed label could be the difference between remaining on the shelf and being part of the table centerpiece.
  • Christmas – This is an advantageous time to increase sales at multiple angles. A beautiful design can ensure your product is provided at business parties, local events, and in every home. Not to mention, wine is a common gift and a great label does play a role in the selection process!
  • New Years – Yes, champagne is a common item during this festive event; however, many individuals do not partake in this drink and choose wine. Use a holiday wine label to get noticed and be in the center of the action.

These events are a great time to increase brand awareness, gain repeat customers, and join in on the fun with holiday wine labels. Every time someone sees your product at an event, the potential of gaining another dedicated customer significantly increases. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to start putting together the perfect design!


Best Uses for Multi-Panel Labels

What are multi-panel labels? Sometimes referred to as extended booklet content labels, these multi-panel labels are used for consumer goods such as over the counter medicines that require further text or explanation, in addition to the standard product details, that can fit on a traditional label. These labels are best used to save space while still providing pertinent information, such as for products that have legal disclaimers or the need to include instructions in multiple languages.  Multi-panel labels allow the ability to keep consumers informed without having to change the overall appearance, brand designs, or logos.

Common Uses for Multi-Panel Labels 

Multi-panel labels are used across several industries often to convey government warnings, legal disclaimers, specific use instructions, or nutritional and allergen facts. Some of the more conventional uses of these labels are as follows:

  • Vitamins and Medicines – to explain possible drug interactions and give instructions on accurate use and dosage.
  • Cosmetic Products – to warn of potential allergic reactions, explain application processes, and how to properly store the product.
  • Chemicals and Pesticides – often used to state any warnings and potential hazards that could occur with use, as well as explain instructions for proper use.

Multi-panel labels solve the issue of providing customers with important consumer information to keep them safe and informed, without having to change a design or branding that consumers are familiar with. For these reasons, you want to choose a label provider that can accurately depict you brand, provide the necessary information, and produce a high quality label that is durable and resistant.

Flexo-Graphics is a proud provider of many different styles of labels, including multi-panel labels, for consumer goods. They can help you convey your message through a multi-panel label, while keeping the integrity of your branding and design. We offer many styles of multi-panel labels to help you find the label that best suits your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about these labels and set up a consultation to find the label that works best for you.

peel and reseal lidding films

Finding the Best Tray Labels Provider

Tray Labels are the stick-on labels that are often seen on the plastic packing for food items like berries, lettuce, or spinach. If your business packages and distributes produce for resale in grocery stores, you are probably familiar with these labels. Tray Labels often contain information such as the brand name and logo, and nutritional facts about the food item. These labels are essential for packaging as they not only serve as a form of marketing for the brand, but they also provide important information about the food items that consumers want to know before purchasing. For these reasons, you want to make sure you are purchasing quality tray labels from a reputable supplier, that won’t peel or fade. Flexo-Graphics produces a high quality line of durable graphics including, tray labels, for retail suppliers.

Who is Flexo-Graphics? 

Flexo Graphics is a long time provider of many styles of retail labels including tray labels, wine labels, battery labels, and craft beer labels. Flexo-Graphics prides themselves on producing high quality products, as well as being environmentally friendly. In 2013 Flexo-Graphics implemented “Lean and Green” company standards to reduce their impact on the environment and be more socially responsible.

When choosing a label provider, you want to make sure that you are working with a company that does not only provide a high quality product, but also has great customer service and is easy to get in touch with.  Flexo-Graphics has a wonderful client support team that can easily be reached via phone or email to assist in choosing labels that work best for your business. In addition to creating a label that is suited for your specific needs, Flexo-Graphics also offers various services such as needs assessments, graphics management, label print and scheduling management, and consultations on annual cost downs.

If you are in need of high quality tray labels that are durable and unique to your business, contact us today. Our customer service will be happy to learn more about your products and find labels that will best work for you.



Durable Labels – Simple Solutions for Challenging Environments

Labels play such an important role for people. Whether people use them in the workplace or see them on the goods they consume, an intact label will ensure that a person uses the labeled product, or piece of equipment or machinery properly. Doing a simple load of laundry requires reading clothing labels, detergent and fabric softener labels, and even the washing and drying machinery labels. Most manufacturers recognize the need to have a long lasting label for these types of situations and more, so if your product is used in extreme conditions or daily use, where a regular paper label may be compromised, it’s time to switch to durable labels.

What will a Durable Label Do?

A durable label is made of superior material to withstand multiple handling and adverse conditions. Durable labels are designed to remain legible and stay in place despite the excessive treatment or environment they are subjected to. They can resist extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals, undue pressure or friction, and still maintain their integrity. Such labels perform best in challenging and difficult environments and can improve consumer and workplace safety.

Types of Durable Labels

Durable labels are used in so many industries to protect workers and consumers.  They are commonly found in automotive, machinery, electronics applications, horticulture, food packaging, industrial chemical manufacturing, medical laboratories and more. A few examples of the different types of durable labels are:

  • Weatherproof
  • Consecutive Number or UPC
  • Extended Life
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Safety
  • Track and Trace

There are many more types of durable labels that can withstand numerous applications. To find the best durable for your unique application, contact a professional label supplier with the expertise and knowledge to find the proper label to meet your application needs.

Looking for a Durable Label Supplier?

If you are looking for a durable label supplier who can design a label for your specific needs, then our team of professionals is standing by ready to help! Flexo-Graphics offers numerous durable label choices that will be the perfect solution for your business. Contact our professional label experts today to get started!




Chemical Resistant Labels the Best Choice for Hazardous Products and More

Chemical resistant labels are the best choice when you need a label that will be subjected to various chemicals elements. For example, a basic label will not stay in place when applied to the simplest household chemicals. For a chemical manufacturer this can be costly. What good is a label if it doesn’t stay where you need it to?

All labels have a purpose and getting the right label to serve that purpose is critical to a products proper use and success. Losing valuable information like safety warnings, or proper care of a product, can make it useless or a danger to the user. These types of problems are easily avoided when you select the proper chemical resistant label.

Types of Chemical Resistant Labels

Chemical resistant labels serve numerous industries. They are widely used in the automotive industry on car batteries, for example.  They are commonly found in electronics applications, horticulture, food packaging, industrial chemical manufacturing, medical laboratories and more. Most chemical resistant labels are capable of withstanding the following exposures:

  • Alcohol
  • Oil or Gas
  • Acetone
  • Household & Industrial Cleaning Solvents
  • Excessive Heat or Cold
  • Moisture
  • Brake Fluid

There are many more exposures that chemical resistant labels can withstand. To find the best chemical resistant label for your application, contact a professional label supplier. The proper chemical resistant label will ensure all valuable product information remains available to the consumer and preserves the integrity of your product.

Ready to Shop for Chemical Resistant Labels?

If you are looking for a durable label solution designed to meet specific chemical exposure conditions, then our chemical resistant labels are the right choice for your product. They are designed to withstand chemical exposure and stay in place properly to preserve product integrity. Flexo-Graphics offers numerous chemical resistant label choices to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact our professional label experts today to get started!


Battery Hazard Labels – A Key Safety Element for Products

Hazard labels are required for every type of battery sold to consumers to alert the buyer of potential dangers. Required battery hazard labels vary based on several factors including the type. For example, lithium products must have a Class 9 identifier whereas lead acid products need a Class 8. Battery hazard labels are critical because they universally communicate the following to everyone who handles them:

  • Special Handling Instructions
  • Risk Awareness
  • Package Placement
  • Shipping Precautions
  • Emergency Information

Adding the wrong one or missing a regulatory requirement could be detrimental to your product and prevent shipment or result in legal complications. Battery hazard labels must remain on the product for its duration of use making it important to choose the right materials as well as adhesives. If the identifier becomes unreadable or falls off, then you could be responsible.

Important Considerations when Ordering from a Provider

Having the right identifiers and reliable warnings starts with a solid, dependable provider. Even with the right supplier, it is important to know what you need and to fully discuss these needs before designing or ordering. Here are a few considerations:

  • Size – The size of the hazard identifier will vary based on defined requirements and the product type.
  • Label Construction – A provider should have a proper material construction for application requirement. If a new material needs to be established then your provider can make recommendations.
  • Warning Type – Hazard identifiers cover 9 precise dangers making it important to know which ones are necessary for your products.

A provider must be able to meet the defined regulatory requirements including size, design, and warning type. They must also use dependable, high-quality materials that provide the following protection for exposure to harsh conditions such as:

  • Extreme Cold
  • Extreme Heat
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasion
  • Humidity
  • Moisture

These types of conditions will cause the label to become unreadable or fall off the battery. Take time to understand the requirements for your specific products and then discuss these needs in full to ensure the right materials and designs are used to create your battery hazard labels.

At Flexo-Graphics, we understand the importance of meeting all regulatory requirements. Our team will work with you to ensure the end result is fully compliant with all regulations based on the label type. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with this important part of product labeling.


Promotional Stickers: Make Your Products Pop Off the Shelf

Promotional Wine stickers provide further options for customization and are able to complement their counterpart, the Prime Wine label. Both are often printed on the same types of materials and in multiple shapes or sizes and may serve differing purposes depending on needs. The Prime label is used to achieve product identification or to deliver required information. They are designed to go on a defined surface size whereas a Promotional sticker may be a simple graphic such as a tasting score, award symbol or other picture. Promotional Wine stickers are often applied to shoulder or the neck of the wine bottle.

A promotional wine sticker is often placed on the bottle after filling and even at the store level to draw extra attention to the product, or to provide additional information. This is because they provide a versatile, unique way to represent the promoted brand or an individual wine. They are meant to compliment the prime label on the wine.

Using Promotional Wine Stickers to Boost Appeal

Regardless of the theme, promotional wine stickers are a versatile option for promoting any product that delivers exceptional graphics. They make a great option when bottles need to be personalized for events or special promotions. One option is to use them to create holiday oriented designs with high-quality graphics for limited quantities. Here are some other ideas for this option:

• Special Event Branding (Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)
• Holiday Branding (Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
• Add Promotional Wine Stickers with Names or Locations
• Design a Sticker to Promote Latest Tasting Score
• Add Wine Stickers with Funny Graphics or Sayings
• Use to Raise Awareness for a Cause

Whether the goal is personalization or to distinguish your products, promotional wine stickers offer a number of options with enhanced graphics and varying sizes. The options are as endless as a blank canvas!

Ready to Get Started? Flexo-graphics is Here to Help!

Before ordering your promotional wine stickers, it is important to know what is desired in the design as well as the details of the application. The size of the stickers will be dependent on the placement location, the surface qualities, and what information the sticker is providing. Will the sticker only display an image or have text as well? Should it complement your label design or be used in place of it? A professional can assist with these decisions and offer advice to ensure it compliments your product appropriately.

If you are thinking about using promotional wine stickers, the team at Flexo-graphics will help you choose the right design elements and size for the application purpose. As a top-rated wine label provider, we have years of expertise and want to help your product succeed. Contact us today to learn more.


Short Run Flexible Packaging: How Does It Help You Bring Products to Market Faster?

Flexible packaging is more than a trend when it comes to marketing products. Bags, wraps, pouches, stick packs, and other items consist of this type of packaging, which is made from film, foil, or paper sheets. When these substrates are filled or sealed, they have a pliable shape. The form of packaging is frequently seen in the food industry as well as for some medical and consumer products. Short run flexible packaging is now being offered as an option for gaining lower counts in less time. Digital printing allows companies to move their products to market faster through shorter runs.

The growth of flexible packaging has primarily been due to economy changes and a direct need to have alternatives to typical rigid designs. It has been possible thanks to factors like technology changes, reduced materials consumption, and material advancements. While the printing process has been traditionally dominated by flexography, new technology options are making digital printing a plausible alternative for custom packaging.

How Can Digital Printing Help?

Flexography offers reliability, quality, and cost effective parts for larger flexible packaging runs. So, where do digital methods prevail when these obvious benefits are available? Digital printing for short run flexible packaging offers its own set of rewards. First, the choice produces the packaging faster with less time to market. This is because the computer software is able to automatically send artwork to digital print devices eliminating many of the traditional setup costs and the time to get files to press. In addition, digitally printing promotes many advantages.

Advantages Offered by short Run Flexible Packaging

  • Impeccable Creative and Print – The method provides increased consistency and vibrant colors. Digital presses have incredible color registration, with limited trapping requirements. Digital color palettes have grown substantially over the past decade, and producing color matches are done with ease. Furthermore digital print allows for database driven packaging with custom text, images, or codes on each unit.
  • Tackle Obsolescence– Especially with new products, digital workflow allows you to print lower quantity values without having the need to offset high fixed costs. Produce what you need, not what you need to cover high set up costs with other processes.
  • SKU Proliferation – Having the ability to produce short runs digitally delivers a chance to make sudden design changes at a low cost. More and more brands are making more variations of their products, and the digital workflow fits the bill for this trend.
  • Grean and Lean – Digital print methods allow companies, like Flexo-Graphics, to operation with significant lower waste in their manufacturing stream, which results in lower overall print costs. Furthermore, the ability to print lower quantities (cost effectively), reduces the need to warehouse products and cost and space associated with it.

Looking for Short Run Flexible Packaging?

With a fight for consumer attention, consumer product companies are searching for ways to stand out quicker. At Flexo-Graphics, we offer both flexographic and digital printing services backed by over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to deliver a dependable range of branding, security, and identification options with to ensure you get the right features for a well-branded product.


Harsh Environment Labels – Rigorous Conditions Require Tougher Solutions

A standard label simply will not withstand the elements it will be subjected to in some surroundings. Many materials are not capable of maintaining properties such as adherence and readability when put under extreme conditions. For this reason, labeling providers offer industrial or harsh environment labels as an alternative option to their customers. These choices offer increased durability and additional protection against the elements.

Several products experience pro-longed or significant exposure such as those placed on batteries, equipment, machines, and laboratory items. Additionally, sometimes labels must be used in environments where exposure to the following is common:

  • Chemicals
  • Oil or Gas
  • Flames
  • Water or Moisture
  • Ultra-Violet Light or Sunlight
  • Excessive Heat or Cold

These surroundings are far more taxing than for products or items where minimal exposure is common. Exposure causes a standard label to fall off, become unreadable, or in some cases disintegrate. Harsh environment labels ensure this information remains visible and readable in the worst conditions.

A Grade Above Standard Designs

The materials used to create harsh environment labels are different from standard choices. Stocks consist of more durable materials like polycarbonate and vinyl. Materials have to be paired correctly to avoid higher costs or inconsistent results. For example, stock materials can be laminated to further improve durability. When paired with the right adhesive, harsh environment labels are able to withstand their exposure conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Adhesives are designed to combat specific scenarios such as high temperatures or chemical exposure. In some instances, they may be appropriate for multiple conditions. This is an important part of the decision-making process because a good adhesive will ensure the label remains attached for the duration of the product’s use.

If you are looking for a durable solution designed to meet specific exposure conditions, then harsh environment labels are the best choice. They are designed with these characteristics in mind and are able to manage through extremely daunting surroundings. Flexo-Graphics offers several harsh environment label choices to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact our team today to get started!


Small Batch Label Printing Delivers A Fast Output, High-Quality Solution to Businesses

Small batch label printing is a great way to accommodate changing marketing or branding needs. It allows you to order a small count without an extensive investment. For example, this option provides the perfect solution if you are running a promotion over a specified period of time with a prize giveaway. Printing a large count of items would not make any sense, as the promotion takes place over a short time frame. It is not economically feasible to order more than what is needed for this type of marketing objective.

Beyond promotions, small batch label printing has several additional benefits including the ability to quickly customize or change the design. Many companies have minimum order requirements, which can be frustrating because it does not accommodate these kinds of needs. Small batch label printing provides a simple solution with the same high quality as more traditional options. As an extra bonus, lower counts offer fast turnaround times to companies.

What About Consistency and Quality?

One of the biggest concerns when discussing small batch label printing is consistency. Will the color and design look the same for each batch? This is a legitimate concern: however, an experienced solution provider will know how to prevent these types of inconsistencies.

The digital equipment along with our experience prepress operators can match to almost any PMS color needed.  Once these colors are matched for the product this is now dialed in and unless there is a manual change to the file, this color will stay consistent every time.  The following factors have a long term impact on the overall appearance of the label, this will occur with all printing processes:

  • Light Exposure – Excessive exposure to natural or artificial light before or after printing can result in fading or discoloration.
  • Temperature Fluctuations – Exposure may cause the adhesive to become damaged and not adhere or fall off prematurely.
  • Moisture Exposure – Moisture from damp conditions or storage locations will damage the materials.
  • Labeling Materials – The wrong materials will further increase the risk of inconsistencies or damage.

Each of the above will determine the quality of a produced batch and an experienced print provider is able to manage this aspect between production runs. While it may seem feasible to assume that a larger print run will ensure consistently, this is not exactly true. The same problems can occur when ordering large or minimal counts.

Looking for Small Batch Label Printing

At Flexo-Graphics, we have spent years learning about and perfecting our printing processes. Whether you need a standard large count or prefer small batch label printing, our team will take the necessary time to evaluate your needs and provide the best options. Contact us today to learn more!


Short Run Digital Labels – Exceptional Quality without a Long-Term Investment

Digital printing provides an innovative, affordable option to businesses seeking fast turnaround without extensive set up time or high SKU counts. Short run digital labels have several benefits including the ability to reduce time-to-market for products. Digital printing is used to place the branding information on a pressure-sensitive label, which then adheres to the packaging or container when pressed down. Short run digital labels are a great option for the following reasons:

  • Easy to Customize
  • Improved Resolution & Clarity
  • Fast Order Turnaround
  • Reduced Cost for Smaller Runs
  • Less Waste Production

Branding updates or new marketing initiatives typically require design changes, which can be easier to accommodate with this option. Ink used to create images offer durability when combined with over laminates that fit the product need.  Factors such as moisture also have less of an impact when the right materials are used for the finished print.

How Do Short Runs Make a Difference?

Digital labels can be used for large counts or short runs when ordering from a supplier. In some instances, your business might only require a count of 1,000 or less making this option the most feasible. Providers offer this choice to better accommodate the needs of small to medium businesses who naturally require reduced counts to get new products to market. This choice is also beneficial when larger companies need a lower count for a marketing promotion or brand change. Short runs increase the benefits companies receive by:

  • Further Decreasing Printing Costs
  • Limiting Inventory Waste
  • Reducing Proofing & Delivery Times
  • Offering a Quick, Low Count Solution

With short run digital labels, you are able to achieve the fastest turnaround times while having the ability to easily customize the design. This choice is environmentally friendly as well since waste is minimal. Short run digital labels allow you to print only what you need rather than having a large count sitting around as inventory. Finally, this option makes it easy to accommodate changing marketing demands without increasing costs.

Flexo-Graphics offers short run digital label solutions to fit the needs of large and small companies. Our team will work with you to determine the best choice for achieving your labeling goals. Contact us today to learn more about our available printing services!


The Ever-Shrinking Label Problem

The buying preferences of consumers have changed greatly over the last several years. Smaller portions have become the new “norm” as customers try to better manage their eating habits, health, and environmental impact. As the servings become smaller, so does the packaging. This significantly changes the labeling needs of your company. Now you need smaller, more compact options to properly convey information to each consumer.

How Can You Make More out of Limited Space?

Businesses have many design choices to achieve compact labeling needs and these options include booklets or multi-layer labels. Expanded content labels such as these fit on a smaller space without taking away from your print area. They provide the ability to include two or more areas of content, which may be expanded for viewing as needed.

A booklet design contains several pages of information and is small enough to fit on a bottle or small box. Multi-layer hinged labels offer the ability to peel off the top portion to access more information. Once the reader has finished, they can reseal the label to ensure it does not get in their way. Unhinged multi-layer labels may be peeled all the way off and then reapplied. These choices make it easier to achieve content needs regardless of the available area.

What Other Benefits can be Gained from this Choice?

For some industries, these types of labels make it possible to meet the ever-expanding labeling requirements of the government in very limited spaces. They also provide a unique opportunity to advertise and peak interest on shrinking labeling space. Additionally, booklets and multi-layer designs offer several advantages including the ability to:

  • Add Multiple Languages
  • Provide Recipes
  • Include Instructions
  • Run Promotions
  • Provide Company Details
  • Provide Accurate Documentation
  • Encourage Product Registration

Multi-layer content labels allow more information to be part of the label and also provide additional room for creativity when it comes to marketing products. The biggest benefit of booklets and multi-layer labels is they deliver a large content area regardless of how much labeling space shrinks. Whether an extra page is needed or several, this choice will cover any limited space needs.

At Flexo-Graphics, we understand how important it is to get the right message across to customers. If you are struggling with shrinking space, our team will help you to make the most of what is available. We offer several labeling options and would love to help you with this transition!


Are you Getting the Most from your Product Labels?

Product labels: You see them everywhere from packaged noodles to the latest tech gadget. For businesses, these are important tools used to achieve a climbing path toward success. A product label allows you to market company products and get noticed. If every product sat on a shelf with basic packaging and no other information, it would be hard to get the sell!

Labels help customers identify products by containing the perfect combination of design elements and information. They serve many purposes including the following:

  • Brand Identification
  • Product Identification
  • Type Differentiation
  • Federal Regulation Compliance
  • Provide Safety or Usage Information

The main purpose of any product label is to get your brand and product noticed. At the same time, every product must have certain details or instructions to meet regulations and ensure consumer safety. Additional steps may be taken to increase visibility among potential buyers.

Boosting Marketing Power

Product labels may be used to increase consumer appeal and out sell the competition in a number of ways. Labels come in a variety of shapes, designs, and finishes. One approach is to use these options to create an artistic feel or to increase notice-ability. It may require a little creativity to come up with the perfect strategy, but only including required elements does not make the most of this marketing investment.

For a label to be successful, it needs to have an eye-catching design that stands out to potential buyers. One design option could be to use a booklet style to provide your company background or a quirky story. When a customer is able to relate, the more like they will become a long-term buyer. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Include Promotions
  • Use Unique Short Print Designs
  • Design for Seasons or Holidays
  • Combine Base, Inks, and Finishes in a Unique Way
  • Maintain a Clean, Simple Design with a Message

A product label should clearly portray your merchandise and brand; however, it must also get the customers attention among many similar items. It should be distinctive from competitors as well as be compelling to buyers. Think of it as a blank canvas with endless possibilities. If you are not taking the time to go beyond the standard design, then you are not getting the most of out of this marketing tool.

At Flexo-Graphics, we offer several options to help you achieve the perfect product label. Contact us today to learn more about these options and how our team can help you get the most out of a design!


What’s the Lifecycle of a Label?

The lifecycle of a label depends on many factors including manufacturing processes, adhesives, and used materials. This time period may coincide with the duration of a product or its packaging. It may also be very short if the label does not apply correctly or falls off due to poor adhesion. Depending on the materials and processes used to create it, the length of time may be extended due to inability to disintegrate and sitting in a landfill or another location.

This makes it important to consider this aspect when choosing your labels for products. For example, if your company promotes sustainability, then you want to take measures to ensure the lifecycle ends at time of disposal or shortly after. One way to achieve this is by using materials capable of breaking down over time naturally without harming the environment. The general lifecycle of a label includes the following:

  • Stock Production
  • Design & Printing
  • Product Application
  • Use by Consumer
  • Product Disposal

The lifecycle begins when the raw materials, glue, silicone, and other production items are used to create the labeling materials. Next, printing materials including inks, adhesives, and finishes are used to physically produce the label. The branding company will then complete the application process. From here, the label makes its way to the customer who uses it accordingly. Throughout this process, waste will be disposed of by recycling, by landfill dumping, by incineration, or another method.

Increasing Sustainability During the Lifecycle

Throughout the lifecycle of a label, businesses can take steps to decrease waste and reduce environmental impact. For example, choosing to recycle generated waste will prevent it from remaining in a landfill for many years. Another option is to use materials that disintegrate faster thus resulting in less waste. For most companies, it is easiest to focus on reducing generated waste, increasing reliability, and using materials capable of reducing the end of the lifecycle.

One good practice is to use environmentally friendly labeling materials and improved adhesives. Another great area of focus should be the materials, transport, and manufacturing processes used to create the label. As part of this effort, companies can choose to use materials that pose less harm with limited waste.

At Flexo-Graphics, we understand the importance of your company’s dedication to taking measures toward sustainability and environmental friendliness. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you manage the lifecycle of your labels.


Are you Missing the Marketing Value of Location Labels?

Consumers today are seeking locally grown options as a healthier alternative to harmful pesticide exposure, extensive processing, and large-scale shipping practices. This shift in consumer preference focuses on improved health and support of local growers who produce these items each year. Additionally, customers have grown more concerned about their own carbon foot print on the environment. As this trend continues, more companies are recognizing the benefits of positioning their products as local, organic, and environmentally friendly.

What Are Location Labels and Why Should You Be Using Them?

Location labels contain text such as “locally grown”, “locally produced”, or even “I’m Local”. This visual cue on the product informs the customer it is grown and produced within or near their area. This means the item did not have to travel far, was not harvested early, was not subjected to unnecessary processing, and has minimal pesticide exposure. These products are often associated with organic choices thus making them more appealing to consumers.

They are essential investment for any company that locally grows, processes, and sells products, as they provide a marketing advantage over the competition. When a customer shops at one of their local stores, they look for certain keywords like organic, locally sourced, and locally grown. If this information is not present, it could mean a lost sale.

What Marketing Benefits Do Companies Gain?

Individuals typically choose items with a location label over another as long as it offers a perceived benefit. When your company follows some or all of these practices and does not add this type of label, customers will assume it is just another processed or pesticide exposed product. Location labels provide the following benefits:

  • Increases Consumer Buying Appeal
  • Positions Company as a Healthier Option
  • Viewed as Environmentally Friendly
  • Encourages Support of Local Business
  • Increases Product Value
  • Improves Brand Awareness

By positioning your company’s products as a healthier, environmentally friendly option, it changes how consumers see the brand as a whole. A location label ensures consumers know you are doing your part to provide minimally processed options in your area. Today, consumers are seeking those options rather than supporting companies that do not share their values. Flexo-Graphics offers location labels to help your company stand out and help your local products get noticed by buyers. Contact our team today to learn more!