Variable Digital Labels Are a Highly Effective Approach to Promoting Your Products

BottlesDigital labels are becoming one of the most cost effective and fastest ways to move a visually appealing product to market. They allow for additional customization, have a short turnaround time, and do not require plates or other high cost application methods. Digital printing has been around for several years and is a reliable choice for branding your products. Now, a new variation of this option has become the next generation approach to merchandise branding, referred to as variable digital labels.

To put it in perspective, one example is the “Share a Coke” campaign featuring a unique labeling on the bottles with a printed name. Another is the recent Bud Light campaign where every label had its own unique design. The marketing approach is very appealing to customers, as it catches their interest. Variable digital labels are also used frequently to promote security because they provide the option to place unique barcodes on every product as well as images or text.

How Are They Used?
As a fairly new option, variable digital labels provide several opportunities to businesses of all sizes. Since the information is derived from a database, every design may be unique and tailored to have increased customer appeal. Additionally, it provides consumers the chance to add their own personalized labels to your product. For example, Heinz allows their customers to order a bottle of ketchup with a custom label consisting of three lines of black text. Other examples include:

  • Placing Unique Product Stories on Every Item
  • Using a Different Image on Every Product
  • Creating Private Business Consumer Labels
  • Using Quotations for Products
  • Tailoring Products to Customers with Names, etc.
  • Accomplishing Seasonal Promotions

The possibilities are truly endless with variable digital labels because all they require is a design and database. A variety of information may be printed quickly with the highest possible quality.

Why Are Variable Designs Rising in Popularity?
Variable digital labels offer companies the ability to make their products unique and help them stand out. They have been used to launch entire campaigns because consumers want to see each design. This advanced form of digital printing is a great option for fast market entry, as it provide these specific benefits:

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Complete Design Customization
  • Personalized Options
  • No Plate Costs
  • Easy Sample Printing
  • Suitable for Short Runs
  • Supports Last-Minute Design Changes

As opposed to traditional methods where plates are used to print the design, variable digital labels deliver companies the chance to quickly print higher quality labels at a lower cost. The set up takes minimal time, is cost effective, and provides beautiful, eye-catching end results.

One of the largest benefits of variable digital labels is the quantity that may be printed. Companies now have the option to break up the minimum short run count to create several versions for multiple or single products. This new option makes it possible for companies to quickly gain what is needed and with varying designs. At Flexo-Graphics, we specialize in this new, exciting form of digital printing. We will help you gain the quality and personalization needed to ensure your latest products or innovative campaign is a success!