Are You Missing Important Elements in the Labeling of Products?

peel-and-stick-labelsThe manner in which products are labeled can have a significant impact on who buys them and how many units are sold in a given period of time. For many companies, one of the primary goals of implementing a new labeling technology is to faithfully translate the aesthetics of their brand to new packaging. This task can be achieved with the assistance of a labeling solutions provider such as Flexo-Graphics. We handle the following elements of product label creation:

  • R&D / Need assessment
  • Graphics management
  • Color management
  • Print management
  • Warehouse management
  • E-tools
  • Client Support

Now that you have found a provider of labeling services that can translate the qualities of your brand to new types of packaging, it’s time to look at some packaging options that could improve how your product looks on the shelf, improve how easy it is for consumers to access, and enhance the salability of the product is. Below, we take a brief look at each of these concerns in terms of labeling options. For additional information, please contact us today at (262) 790-2740.

Product Appearance
Product appearance is crucial to realizing sales targets in terms of how the company’s brand label appears on the product. As experienced offline and online marketers can tell you, having a multitude of different logo designs that differentiate in appearance can be a sales and marketing nightmare. In most cases, the brand of a company should be aesthetically cohesive across its full lineup of products. With our aesthetic focus on labels, we can help you achieve the goal.

Consumer Access
Product labels rarely make the products on which they are placed harder to access, but certain types of labels can make certain types of products easier to access. For example, bottles of over the counter (OTC) medicine often entail extensive dosing information that is best presented in a fold out label that can be refolded and applied to the bottle through the use of special adhesive that is easy to peel away and reapply. We can supply labels with this type of adhesive.

Product Salability
If you wish to discount products in a way that motivates consumers to make a purchase, sufficient attention must be drawn to the discount opportunity. One of the best ways to do this is to affix a coupon directly to the product — a coupon that can be peeled away and presented at the point of purchase to receive the discount. Flexo-Graphics has years of experience producing discount labels that are applied to the product to motivate consumers to make a purchase.

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peel and reseal lidding films

Why Do Consumers Prefer Peel and Reseal Labels?

Many consumers purchase a product without paying much attention to the label it features. However, once they experience the benefits of a certain labeling solution, they may be influenced to purchase the product again instead of a product with a less beneficial label.

One type of labeling solution that helps sell products in this manner is the peel and reseal label, which, as its name describes, can be peeled back to reveal the contents of a container, and then resealed to preserve the product inside for later use. Alternatively, peel and reseal labels can also be implemented to peel away and reveal important information about a product.

Advantages of Peel and Reseal Labels

It seems that peel and reseal labels have been showing up on an increasing variety of products over the past few years. Goods that commonly feature the labels now include: prepackaged cold cuts, prepackaged cheese, over the counter (OTC) medicine, and sanitizing wipes, just to name a few. If your company is considering using peel and reseal labels as a part of its packaging solutions, doing so can provide the following benefits for your valued customers.

  1. Product Lifespan

The lifespan of perishable products, such as foodstuffs and sanitizing solutions, is impacted by exposure to the environment outside of the package. As many of us have experienced firsthand, the weaker the seal on a package, the faster its contents deteriorate and become unfit to use. Peel and reseal labels help improve product lifespan by resealing and creating a seal that is as strong as the original one. When properly resealed, the package is practically as good as new.

  1. Improved Freshness

Some products, such as dried snack meats and baked goods with heavy preservatives, will remain edible for a long time, even if the package that contains them has a weak seal. However, it may not be such a pleasure to consume them, as they are likely to taste rather stale instead of fresh. Just as they can improve product lifespan by creating an airtight seal when resealed, peel and reseal labels can improve the freshness of certain types of products by the same means.

  1. Improved Portability

If you’re like many people who enjoy snacking while on the go, you probably reach for resealable plastic food bags in which to store your treats. If the food were packaged in airtight containers that feature peel and reseal labels, however, this measure would be unnecessary. Instead of spending money on food storage bags to use as snack containers and spending time filling them with edibles, simply use peel and reseal labeled food packaging as containers.

  1. Crucial Information

As mentioned above, peel and reseal labels can also be used in the form of information labels. Often, this type of peel and reseal label unfolds several times when the seal is removed, making it easy to present voluminous amounts of information in an efficient manner. As you might expect, this type of label is highly useful for communicating information about products that must be used in a specific manner and/or may cause side effects, such as cosmetics and medicine. Peel and Reseal labels are often used to help print multiple languages on a single product, to help the same product sell across geographic regions with different written languages.

Need Peel and Reseal Label Printing?
When deciding how to package a product, choosing the right type of packaging is the top priority, but you also need a way to make the package label advertise your brand in an attractive, eye catching fashion, as well as present essential information about the product. Flexo-Graphics can help you achieve these goals with peel and reseal labels and other types of labels through the management of graphics, color, and print that are applied to your labels.

To find out how we can help your company improve its product labels, give us a call today at (262) 790-2740, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to serving you!