Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: Selecting the Right Pressure Sensitive Label

pressure-sensitive-adhesivesPressure sensitive adhesives are common on just about every product these days. The adhesive you choose for these items determines how well they stay on the merchandise as well as their permanence. Pressure sensitive adhesives bond to the packaging as force is applied to the adhesive. They are an exceptional choice for contoured containers or those made with flexible materials such as plastic bottles. The adhesives do not require solvent, heat, or a chemical reaction to bond to the surface and are an excellent choice for consumer products such as:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Household Chemicals
  • Durable and Industrial Products
  • Automotive
  • Wine & Spirits

Pressure sensitive adhesives consist of a sticky substance, which adheres to the surface upon applying a small amount of force. This makes them a lower cost option that is simple to use on consumer products or other items. However, pressure sensitive adhesives are also derived from various types of materials, so it is important to pick the right one. Substrate type, adhesives, and enhancement features all play a role in effectiveness. Printers and converters are experts in this area with years of practice. They are able to offer exceptional advice.

Too Many Choices Require the Help of a Professional
The first decision you must make will be the type pressure sensitive adhesive, which offers two basic choices and may consist of several varying properties. This selection entails one of the following types:

  • Permanent – This is the most common adhesive used in consumer product and industrial labeling applications. Once applied, the name speaks to its strongest characteristic; it cannot be easily removed once applied.
  • Removable – These labels are removable for a period of time. An example might include a coupon attached to another label or a two-part label that is peeled back to view product specific information. Repositionable labels fall into the removable category. These are removable over a short-time period to allow for multiple applications and removal. This choice is often used in retail settings, where products are moved from location to location.

The next decisions get a little trickier, as the above are easier to decide qualities and the following factors are able to make or break any pressure sensitive adhesives for your product. The next decisions revolve around the life cycle of the end product where the label is placed. These factors to consider might include:

  • Surface Shape and Texture
  • Environmental Exposures
    • Chemicals
    • Temperature Ranges
    • Water / Rain
    • Ultraviolet Light
  • Application Type and Speed of Application
  • Minimum and Maximum Application Temperature

A professional with experience in this area will quickly be able to recommend what type of adhesion and qualities are necessary for proper bonding. The wrong choices could lead to it loss of adhesion or damage from harder to control factors such as temperature or chemical exposure.

To guarantee a dependable pressure sensitive adhesive for labeling or other needs, you need an experienced printing professional. At FlexoGraphics, we have years of experience when it comes to designing and printing with pressure sensitive adhesives. We work hard to ensure our customer’s gains the right bonding quality and visual appearance for each of their products. Contact us today to learn more!


Should you Order Freezer Grade Labels Online?

Seems like a fair question. In this ever-competitive online market, often times retailers who can get products to you the easiest and fastest win over their competition – (you know, those old fashioned brick and mortar places). The problem is that easy and fast doesn’t always mean highest quality and best fit, and just because someone is selling labels online through Amazon, doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and experience to recommend labels for harsh environments, or difficult substrates. Let’s look at a few things you get when you choose a professional label manufacturer for your freezer grade labels:

  • Custom labels designed to last the lifetime of your product
  • Custom packaging solutions to solve those tricky application problems
  • Knowledgeable customer service representatives to walk you through the process
  • Superior materials that make your labels last longer and stay where you need them to stay.
  • Durable labels designed for commercial use, not home use

Professional Freezer Grade Labels

As a food producer, you’ve likely put a lot of effort into creating a product that consumers will love. Designing a captivating label is equally as important and matching the proper label with the conditions it will endure is even more critical.

When you are talking about labeling a product that will face harsh environments you need an experienced label manufacturer to help you get a durable label that will stay in place. Regardless of the conditions your product will face, wet, dry, cold or hot, you will need an expert-tested label that has been proven to withstand tough environments and perform as intended. There’s definitely a difference between freezer labels that are used by consumers for homemade foods and leftovers, verses freezer grade labels that will stay in place for shelf life, ensuring brand recognition, clear pricing and details, and durability for package shipment and transporting.

Flexo-graphics has been manufacturing labels for all types of industries for over 35 years. They have a team of experts who will walk you through the labeling process and can make it as simple as ordering online.

Looking for a New Label Supplier?
If so, Flexo-Graphics is your ideal destination. We offer a variety of label solutions for different label applications and provide a great selection of product labels, among other benefits. To learn how we can use our special expertise to create the best label for your product, please call us today at (262) 790-2740, or feel free to fill out our contact form.

dry release coupons

Putting Product Labels to Work – How Dry Release Labels Can Help Move Merchandise

It may seem like a small and simple sticker, but product labels fill numerous roles for manufacturers. They come in different sizes, materials and shapes. They provide valuable information from ingredients to directions. They help manage inventory, catch a consumer’s eye, and they can even play a key role in point of sale displays. That is if you are using the right type of label. Dry release labels, often referred to as IRC labels, act as instant savings coupons for consumers and are often the catalyst that moves a consumer from browsing to buying and these simple removable labels are used by companies today to advertise a special reduction for the immediate or future sale of a product.

Companies are using dry release labels on certain products for many reasons, but one of the biggest is the ability to hook new customers. People are often reluctant to try something new, especially food items if they are not sure they will like it. Having a coupon incentive is very effective in getting a customer over this objection. They work in getting a customer to try the item who might have otherwise looked the other way.

Below are a few more reasons why businesses should consider using dry release coupon labels:

  1. Enhanced Value – Consumer thinks they are getting a bargain.
  2. Brand Differentiation – They look alone can set a product apart from its competition.
  3. So Easy — Pull it off and use immediately
  4. It’s a Win-Win — Consumers save money, and retailers move more product!

Dry release labels are designed to provide the savings right on the product. Although they seem simple to implement, you should contact a professional label company to ensure these coupons are designed with the right material and are eye-catching to consumers.  An experienced service provider offers these benefits:

  1. Easy to Remove Coupon
  2. Proper Design to Attract Consumer Attention
  3. Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures
  4. Leaves No Residue
  5. Proper Size for Branding & Promotional Designs

Dry release coupon labels are a cost effective way to reach new customers while still rewarding those already dedicated to the product. At Flexo-Graphics, we have years of experience in working with various types of merchandise labels. Why not give us a chance to boost market notice ability and help your product beat out the competition?

Looking for a New Label Supplier?
If so, Flexo-Graphics is your ideal destination. We offer a variety of label solutions for different label applications and provide a great selection of product labels, among other benefits. To learn how we can use our special expertise to create the best dry release label for your product, please call us today at (262) 790-2740, or feel free to fill out our contact form.

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Label Products: Making Sense of These Overwhelming Choices

Labels are one of the primary marketing tools for products and the wrong choices easily send potential customers to the competition. Professional printers do more than simply print these items on adhesive materials. A multitude of pieces make up the puzzle we call a label. If you are trying to effectively market merchandise, this aspect will either make or break the sale. Understanding what comprises a label and the details behind creating them is definitely beneficial. Label products consist of several components much like when creating a delicate piece of jewelry or

To start, the graphical design aspects are only part of the decisions you will need to make. Label products generated in a professional facility have several base components that directly effect their look and durability. Additionally, labeling products are printed and cut in a number of ways. The first step involves preparing the face stock or printing material, coating, adhesive layer, liner, and inks. Once these items have been prepared, the label product is printed, cut, and finished based on your needs.

What Goes Into a Label Product?label-products
The environment, required bonding, design characteristics, and more will affect what is chosen for printing a label product. For example, if the goal is high-end graphics, and it has many versions of the label, then digital printing is a great choice. This is because the electronic documents are directly transferred from the computer. However, if the label must be waterproof, then flexo printing or a special finish could be necessary to protect the design. Below are a few of the decisions you will need to make:

  • Base or Face Stock – Since this is the primary material for the label, this will be one of the most critical decisions. Coated paper, polyesters, polypropylenes, and synthetic are a few examples. It is fed through the machine where the design is printed.
  • Liner – A material below the adhesive used to protect the label until it is ready for application. Liners are important elements for auto application lines, and for products that are sheeted. High speed auto application lines require liners to not break with impeccable consistency. Sheeted applications require liners that like to “lay flat.”
  • Adhesive Layer – Resides below the face stock and is used to bond the label to the surface. This material can be removable or permanent with various degrees of tack. A product exposed to extreme temperatures will require an adhesive that is different than a product going on the front of a tee shirt.
  • Coatings and Laminates – Placed on top of the face stock to deliver an extra finish or some type of additional protection like waterproofing. Very critical for both the “look” and the “functionality” of the label. The label products sometimes require a lamination procedure to gain protection from ultra violet radiation, moisture, or chemicals.

The type of printing, inks, and finishing methods must also be considered when making these decisions. Once chosen, the face stock is then run through a specified printing process. Designs are either printed directly on the face stock or onto another material, which is then applied to the face stock. The liner below this ensures the adhering material is protected until removed for application.

Finishing processes such as die cutting or coating application can occur inline or offline after the preferred printing method has been used. They are inspected after each process to guarantee the highest quality before packaging and shipping. At Flexo-Graphics, we carefully help you pick out the right materials for your label product needs and monitor each process to ensure absolute quality. We will help you gain an affordable labeling solution that meet the need of the intended project.