Protecting Users with Product Insert Labels

Product insert labels are used with products like over the counter medications to provide vital information to customers to ensure safe use of the product. Often times the packaging that contains various types of medication does not provide enough usable space to effectively deliver all the use instructions, and drug facts to your customers. It is the responsibility of the provider to provide their customers with any information, side effects, age restrictions, and other guidelines to keep the user safe and informed. An effective and cost friendly way to do this when space is limited, is with the use of high quality product insert labels. Whether you need to convey accurate dosage guidelines, expand upon contact information, or legal disclaimers, product insert labels can effectively convey your message.

Who can use Product Insert Labels?

Any business that manufactures and packages items like medications, supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, or other consumer goods that require additional instructions or safety information can benefit from the use of product insert labels, to deliver their message without having to drastically alter the packaging design.  If your business is interested in providing additional product information with insert labels Flexo-Graphics can help you to design a custom insert for your specific needs.

Flexo-Graphics offers an extensive line of custom labels, inserts, and other custom graphics products for commercial distribution and manufacturing. Everything from product labels, to graphic logo management, and product inserts can be made custom and easy with Flexo-Graphics’ team of experts.

If you are interested in contacting Flexo-Graphics to learn more about product insert labels, get a quote, or browse the other services and products that are offered, contact us here today! Our customer service team is ready to help you find the best custom labels and insert products for your needs.



Why Use Extended Text Labels for Medication Bottles?

Extended text labels are great for delivering additional information when space is limited. Medication bottles often need to include a lot of important information about dosage, proper use, side effects, and more that keep users safe. If the bottle simply uses a standard label it is hard to provide all of the necessary information in the available space. Extended text labels are the obvious solution to this issue as they easily fold out from the bottle, greatly increasing usable space, allowing you to convey in depth the information needed to keep your consumers safe and informed. There is no need to increase the size of your product’s packaging when you can simply increase the usable label space with extended text labels.

What other products could benefit from the use of extended text labels?

  • Medicines
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Protein Powders
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Cosmetics

Many industries, including both medical and general consumer goods, can benefit from using these extended labels for their products. Whether you need to convey allergen facts, proper use instructions, environmental facts, contact information, or legal disclaimers, extended text labels will get the job done in an efficient and affordable manner.

Ready to Learn More About Extended Text Labels?

If your business is interested in implementing the use of extended text labels to further explain your product facts, reach out to Flexo-Graphics for a competitive label quote. No matter what your product or message is, Flexo-Graphics can help you design the perfect extended label for your needs with custom dimensions and design aspects. Whether you are looking to include more extensive branding for promotion, or provide additional language options to your product description, Flexo-Graphics can help with their wide variety of materials and design tools. Contact us today to learn more about how extended text labels can benefit your business.

neutraceutical marketing

Nutraceutical Marketing – Why the Label Matters Most

Nutraceutical marketing is a broad term including dietary supplements, food additives, and other nutrient enriched products offering health benefits to the user. The benefits could be a specific vitamin or supplement the individual might be missing from their diet. Over the years, this market has exploded as more individuals seek alternative options over the expensive cost of medical care. This interest also increases the competitiveness of product manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry.

Effective labeling is one way to boost product presence in nutraceutical marketing. The more your product stands out, the better the chance of gaining new and repeat customers. It is so easy for an item to get lost among the competition on the shelf. While you cannot always control where an item is placed, measures can be taken to ensure noticeability. Two important trends continue to take place in this industry:

1. A large part of the population is rapidly aging.
2. People are becoming increasingly health conscious.

New products are constantly pouring into the market to meet this ever-growing demand. Take a second to look at the health bar choices in a grocery store and then magnify the overwhelming degree of choices. Regardless of the product type, competition is guaranteed!

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Whether you are new to nutraceutical marketing or a seasoned veteran, several approaches can be taken to boost consumer appeal including simple labeling changes. One of the first steps to successful labeling and marketing is becoming familiar with your target market. Take time to evaluate where a product falls within the industry and where it is going. This will help in developing a marketing campaign including logos, product slogans, packing, and labeling combination capable of getting merchandise noticed.

Next, steps must be taken to build up your brand including the right pairing of elements to get it noticed among the many choices on the consumer shelf. The truth is a customers first impression will most likely come from one of four inspirations:

• Store Shelf
• Online Store
• Advertising Campaign
• Referral (Friend, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

While recognition may come from other locations as well, these are frequently common for learning about a new or existing product. A memorable logo and slogan work great for gaining attention. Incorporating this into a well-designed label will make it easier to attract customers online and in stores.

As the marketing cornerstone of any type of merchandise, the label must not only meet federal guidelines, but also provide a clear message to consumers. It needs to be professional, easy to understand, and designed to peak interest in your target marketing demographic. Consumers want products that have been created using sustainable methods, are environmentally friendly, and offer the healthiest option. A sale is more likely if this message is conveyed by grabbing the consumers attention with this information.

Need Support with Neutraceutical Marketing?

Our team at Flexo-Graphics would love to help you put together a label design to further promote your brand and gain the attention of consumers. If you are uncertain as to what materials and options are best or simply need someone to help put your product image to reality, contact us today!


Product Development Labels – Your Design Should Reach Out to Customers

The choices you make throughout each phase of creating a product development label will contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. A label is the first thing any customer will see when viewing your product in a retail environment and the last part of any marketing campaign.

Several factors play a pivotal role in how the final design appears after application to the product. The wrong font, color, adhesives, or materials can be detrimental to the final appearance. As you begin to make design choices for this important element of your merchandise, it is essential to assess how each choice will complement the other to have a flowing, appealing design.

Creating a Design to Get the Most Out of Product Development Labels

A label is the last form of marketing provided to potential customers and this makes it an important component to achieving sales. Take enough time to consider the following characteristics of product development labels before choosing a final design:

  • Colors – This element communicates as much information as words if not more. A color is able to convey a specific feeling, flavor, or unique scent. It will either draw the individual to make a purchase or send them off to buy from a competitor.
  • Images – Much like the use of hues, images also convey their own message. They should be perfectly balanced with colors and text to avoid confusion.
  • Fonts – Too many fonts or large variances in font sizes will take away from the simplicity and beauty of a good label. Choose a single font and stick with it for all text.
  • Size – The size should appropriately match the available space as one that is too small will not be as easy to see. An oversized version will not look appealing due to wrinkles or folds.

These four elements are imperative to any product development label and due to this it is essential to carefully consider your options. Remember to include contact information to prevent customer frustration. Use the perfect combination of images, colors, and text to tell a story, create unique designs with varying images, or to add interesting facts about the product.

Flexo-Graphics provides several choices and years of experience you can draw from when putting together product development labels. If you have a specific idea in mind, our team will work with you create a custom design that makes your idea a reality. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Read the Date Codes on Your Batteries

Many battery manufacturers and installers use a date code system to help establish warranty dates. You will often see a label on the top of your car battery that has a date code systems similar to the one shown below. The dates typically represent the month and year in which the battery was installed into your car.

The photo below shows a battery that was installed in April of 2015. Your warranty will be dependent on service range of your battery. This is typically 24, 36, or 48 months. See your battery installer for more details.


Battery Buying Group for Battery Manufacturers

If you are a battery manufacturer looking for quality labels, we can help. Flexo-graphics  has been servicing battery manufacturers for over 30 years. Your company will benefit from our vast experience and from joining our battery buying group. Find out how to join here!


“Made in Wisconsin” Labels – Is Your Business Missing Out on an Important Marketing Tool?

Wisconsin is a leading producer in a number of industries from food and beverage items, household cleaning products to industrial and automotive manufacturing solutions. It has been an ongoing movement for local consumers to buy products made in the state to support the local communities. As part of this movement, organizations are using “Made in Wisconsin” labels to inform customers of where their product is manufactured or produced. The trend is so widespread that lists can be found online of companies in this particular state who sell goods to consumers!

The “Made in Wisconsin” label has grown in popularity as many companies are embracing the slogan and their roots as a Wisconsin-based business. Including this information on a product has become a way for each company to show their pride to the state and encourage local buying. It promises high quality to each customer and serves as a beacon of the hard work put into every produced product. This is more than just a label; it is a testament of what Wisconsin stands for.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward to Customers

Competition is fierce today with the number of online businesses, locally sourced products, and international offerings made available to consumers. Just like organic products, each company needs a way to distinguish themselves from the competition. The “Made in Wisconsin” statement is a pivotal marketing tool for your business!

Whether you manufacture heavy equipment or produce cranberries, this statement places an important status on each product where it is resides. Benefits gained from including “Made in Wisconsin” labels on products include:

  • Made in America
  • High Quality
  • Locally Sourced
  • Support for Local Economy
  • Support of Local Workers

When customers buy your products, they are supporting the local and U.S. economy. This ensures American workers are able to keep their jobs in Wisconsin and money from purchases go back into these communities. It also serves as a statement of the quality you provide to customers.

If you operate in Wisconsin and do not include this on products, you may be  missing out on an important status symbol that could increase business! If your products are “Made In Wisconsin” and you would like to include this statement on your product line, please reach out to Flexo-graphics to help with a label revision.  Contact us today to learn more!