Why Use Custom Product Marketing Labels?

Using custom product labels is a great way to build brand awareness and highlight key features about your brand or product. Custom product marketing labels can contain information and artwork like your original logos, business name, contact info, or any eye catching imagery and information that you want your customers to associate with you. Product marketing labels, tell your customers in a glance what your product is and what your brand is about, so it is important to put your best foot forward when creating your labels. Important aspects to consider when creating your custom labels are aesthetics, size, function, and durability. Working with the right label provider will give you the ability to create the best product marketing labels for your needs.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Product Marketing Labels:

  • Durability – Flexo-Graphics offers various coatings and laminates to protect labels from water, weather, uv rays, and other damaging elements. Flexo-Graphics can help you produce a label that will resist fading and tarnishing despite the conditions that your product will be used in.
  • Design – Labels from Flexo-Graphics are completely customizable. Our team will work with you to choose the best size, style, adhesive for your needs while incorporating your original artwork and branding.
  • Versatility – Flexo-Graphics produces a wide range of labels for different uses. Clean release labels, industrial labels, wine and beer labels, metallics materials, peel and reseal labels, and so much more are available from Flexo-Graphics.

Need Custom Product Marketing Labels?

If you are interested in purchasing custom labels for your products, that will catch the eyes of your customers and keep your name in the forefront of their memory, contact us today! When you work with Flexo-Graphics, you receive full freedom to design the best label to suit your specific needs.


What Are Clean Release Labels?

Clean release labels are durable product labels that strongly bond to your product, but can be easily removed and re-positioned or reused. Removing traditional labels can leave adhesive and residue on your product, and can be difficult to peel or remove. Clean release labels will leave behind no residue and will peel off cleanly without the need for additional cleaning. For this reason, clean release labels work great for warehouse equipment, containers, shelving, and other products that need to be periodically re-labeled with new information, bar codes, or names. Clean release labels can save time and money by eliminating the need to spend time on removal, and can be easily re-positioned and reused which helps to cut down on waste. Clean release labels are durable, easy to use, and a great option for any business.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Clean Release Labels

● Easy Cleanup – No scrubbing, scraping, or labor is required to remove these labels. Simply peel off to easily remove or reposition without leaving behind any residue or sign of the old label.
● Customizable – Flexo-Graphics will work with you to create the perfect size, style, and design for your specific needs.
● Durable – Clean release labels are designed to withstand the tests of time, without fading or deterioration. These labels have been created to survive long term use. The strong adhesive and protective coating ensure the quality and longevity of your clean release labels.

Where to Buy Clean Release Labels

If you are interested in purchasing clean release labels for your business, contact us today. Flexo-Graphics offers a diverse line of customizable product labels, including clean release labels. Our customer service team is happy to work with you on design, size, adhesive, coating and more to make sure you receive the best labels for your needs.


Why Use Waterproof Labels?

Using waterproof labels is a great way to ensure your branding and information does not tarnish or peel off when exposed to damp environments. Items such as beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products, and hand soaps, are best labeled with waterproof labels as they are often exposed to water, ice, and other moisture that could cause traditional labels to fade and peel off. Product labels can contain everything from branding and artwork to safety warnings and proper use instructions. Ensuring that your labels stay put and are easy to read is in the best interest of you and your consumers. If you are in need of durable, waterproof labels, you need to find a reliable label printer to work with, who can provide you with high quality labels without breaking the bank. When you choose to work with Flexo-Graphics, you will receive this and more. 

Benefits Flexo-Graphics Waterproof Labels

  • Versatile – Various label styles can be made waterproof or weather proof with the different coating and laminate options offered by flexo-graphics. This allows you to not have to sacrifice style or functionality by being able to select from a wide variety of labels styles.
  • Customizable – Flexo-Graphics offers many different templates as well as fully customizable labels, that allow you to brand and style your products exactly how you wish. Size, material, adhesive, coating, and aesthetic can all be customized to create your perfect label.
  • Durable Flexo-Graphics offers a variety of adhesives and finishes to help your labels stand the test of time, despite the conditions your products are exposed to. UV, temperature, weather, water, and more can be combated by our durable labeling options.

Waterproof labels are an easy and cost effective way to ensure your labels’ durability. If you are interested in learning more about Flexo-Graphics and our selection of labels and proofing options contact us today!




Why Are Safety and Warning Labels Important?

Safety and warning labels are necessary to keep consumers safe when using goods like medication, cleaning products, chemicals, batteries, and other products that could harm the user with improper use. Safety and warning labels can include age restrictions, drug interactions, instructions for use, and other information that will keep your consumers safe and ensure they understand how to use your product properly. Since many consumers rely on these safety and warning labels to keep themselves and their families safe, it is important that the safety and warning labels you place on your products are durable and easy to read, ensuring your users can always access the information they need. 

Safety and Warning Label Uses:

  • Emergency Information – Many medications, topical creams, and other products that can cause sickness or irritation with improper use, should include emergency information on who to contact for help or how to react if improper use should occur.
  • Risk Awareness – Products that are not safe to be used by people who are dealing with certain medical conditions or pregnancy can include warning labels to ensure the user is aware of any danger.
  • Handling Instructions – Any products that require safety precautions or protective gear for use should have these instructions clearly spelled out so the user fully understands how to handle products like tools, chemicals, or cleaning agents before use.

Where to Buy Safety and Warning Labels

If your business is in need of high quality labels, Flexo-Graphics can help. For safety and warning labels, peel and reseal labels, branding labels and so much more Flexo-Graphics has you covered. Flexo-Graphics offers a full line of customizable labels that are durable, easy to read, and will withstand conditions like heat and cold without fading. To learn more about Flex-Graphics or safety and warning labels, contact us today.