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Putting Product Labels to Work – How Dry Release Labels Can Help Move Merchandise

It may seem like a small and simple sticker, but product labels fill numerous roles for manufacturers. They come in different sizes, materials and shapes. They provide valuable information from ingredients to directions. They help manage inventory, catch a consumer’s eye, and they can even play a key role in point of sale displays. That is if you are using the right type of label. Dry release labels, often referred to as IRC labels, act as instant savings coupons for consumers and are often the catalyst that moves a consumer from browsing to buying and these simple removable labels are used by companies today to advertise a special reduction for the immediate or future sale of a product.

Companies are using dry release labels on certain products for many reasons, but one of the biggest is the ability to hook new customers. People are often reluctant to try something new, especially food items if they are not sure they will like it. Having a coupon incentive is very effective in getting a customer over this objection. They work in getting a customer to try the item who might have otherwise looked the other way.

Below are a few more reasons why businesses should consider using dry release coupon labels:

  1. Enhanced Value – Consumer thinks they are getting a bargain.
  2. Brand Differentiation – They look alone can set a product apart from its competition.
  3. So Easy — Pull it off and use immediately
  4. It’s a Win-Win — Consumers save money, and retailers move more product!

Dry release labels are designed to provide the savings right on the product. Although they seem simple to implement, you should contact a professional label company to ensure these coupons are designed with the right material and are eye-catching to consumers.  An experienced service provider offers these benefits:

  1. Easy to Remove Coupon
  2. Proper Design to Attract Consumer Attention
  3. Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures
  4. Leaves No Residue
  5. Proper Size for Branding & Promotional Designs

Dry release coupon labels are a cost effective way to reach new customers while still rewarding those already dedicated to the product. At Flexo-Graphics, we have years of experience in working with various types of merchandise labels. Why not give us a chance to boost market notice ability and help your product beat out the competition?

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