Why Use Custom Product Marketing Labels?

Using custom product labels is a great way to build brand awareness and highlight key features about your brand or product. Custom product marketing labels can contain information and artwork like your original logos, business name, contact info, or any eye catching imagery and information that you want your customers to associate with you. Product marketing labels, tell your customers in a glance what your product is and what your brand is about, so it is important to put your best foot forward when creating your labels. Important aspects to consider when creating your custom labels are aesthetics, size, function, and durability. Working with the right label provider will give you the ability to create the best product marketing labels for your needs.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Product Marketing Labels:

  • Durability – Flexo-Graphics offers various coatings and laminates to protect labels from water, weather, uv rays, and other damaging elements. Flexo-Graphics can help you produce a label that will resist fading and tarnishing despite the conditions that your product will be used in.
  • Design – Labels from Flexo-Graphics are completely customizable. Our team will work with you to choose the best size, style, adhesive for your needs while incorporating your original artwork and branding.
  • Versatility – Flexo-Graphics produces a wide range of labels for different uses. Clean release labels, industrial labels, wine and beer labels, metallics materials, peel and reseal labels, and so much more are available from Flexo-Graphics.

Need Custom Product Marketing Labels?

If you are interested in purchasing custom labels for your products, that will catch the eyes of your customers and keep your name in the forefront of their memory, contact us today! When you work with Flexo-Graphics, you receive full freedom to design the best label to suit your specific needs.


What Are Compliance Labels and Why Are They Necessary?

Compliance Labels are necessary labeling for any kind of consumer product that must meet regulatory requirements or requires you to provide the user with pertinent information such as safety information, environmental hazards, or government warnings. Compliance labels also include any information that the brand or business deem necessary for use.  Products that are FDA regulated or must meet a set of government standards often require compliance labels. If your business manufactures and produces items that must include compliance labels, you will want to find a reliable label and print company that can provide you with high quality, accurate compliance labels.

What types of products should use compliance labels?

  • Food and Beverages
  • Batteries
  • Pesticides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals

Often times products that are intended to be consumed, used as chemical treatments, or pose potential harm or danger to the user need to have a compliance label. Items like these and many others that must follow FDA or EPA guidelines require that you provide your users with necessary information to ensure their safety and inform them of any risk involved in the use of your product. If your business produces products like these, you should consider working with Flexo-Graphics for any needs you have when it comes to compliance labels.

Who is Flexo-Graphics?

Flexo-Graphics is a long time supplier of labeling products to manufacturers. From graphic management, to printed branding, and compliance labels, Flexo-Graphics serves as a one stop shop for all your labeling needs. With over four decades of experience in the label industry Flexo-Graphics has the experience and tools to help you create the best custom labels for your business’ specific needs.

If you would like to learn more about compliance labels or are interested in working with Flexo-Graphics to create compliance labels for your products contact us today. Our customer service team is ready to help you find your next label.


Protecting Users with Product Insert Labels

Product insert labels are used with products like over the counter medications to provide vital information to customers to ensure safe use of the product. Often times the packaging that contains various types of medication does not provide enough usable space to effectively deliver all the use instructions, and drug facts to your customers. It is the responsibility of the provider to provide their customers with any information, side effects, age restrictions, and other guidelines to keep the user safe and informed. An effective and cost friendly way to do this when space is limited, is with the use of high quality product insert labels. Whether you need to convey accurate dosage guidelines, expand upon contact information, or legal disclaimers, product insert labels can effectively convey your message.

Who can use Product Insert Labels?

Any business that manufactures and packages items like medications, supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, or other consumer goods that require additional instructions or safety information can benefit from the use of product insert labels, to deliver their message without having to drastically alter the packaging design.  If your business is interested in providing additional product information with insert labels Flexo-Graphics can help you to design a custom insert for your specific needs.

Flexo-Graphics offers an extensive line of custom labels, inserts, and other custom graphics products for commercial distribution and manufacturing. Everything from product labels, to graphic logo management, and product inserts can be made custom and easy with Flexo-Graphics’ team of experts.

If you are interested in contacting Flexo-Graphics to learn more about product insert labels, get a quote, or browse the other services and products that are offered, contact us here today! Our customer service team is ready to help you find the best custom labels and insert products for your needs.



Why Use Extended Text Labels for Medication Bottles?

Extended text labels are great for delivering additional information when space is limited. Medication bottles often need to include a lot of important information about dosage, proper use, side effects, and more that keep users safe. If the bottle simply uses a standard label it is hard to provide all of the necessary information in the available space. Extended text labels are the obvious solution to this issue as they easily fold out from the bottle, greatly increasing usable space, allowing you to convey in depth the information needed to keep your consumers safe and informed. There is no need to increase the size of your product’s packaging when you can simply increase the usable label space with extended text labels.

What other products could benefit from the use of extended text labels?

  • Medicines
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Protein Powders
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Cosmetics

Many industries, including both medical and general consumer goods, can benefit from using these extended labels for their products. Whether you need to convey allergen facts, proper use instructions, environmental facts, contact information, or legal disclaimers, extended text labels will get the job done in an efficient and affordable manner.

Ready to Learn More About Extended Text Labels?

If your business is interested in implementing the use of extended text labels to further explain your product facts, reach out to Flexo-Graphics for a competitive label quote. No matter what your product or message is, Flexo-Graphics can help you design the perfect extended label for your needs with custom dimensions and design aspects. Whether you are looking to include more extensive branding for promotion, or provide additional language options to your product description, Flexo-Graphics can help with their wide variety of materials and design tools. Contact us today to learn more about how extended text labels can benefit your business.


Product Development Labels – Your Design Should Reach Out to Customers

The choices you make throughout each phase of creating a product development label will contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. A label is the first thing any customer will see when viewing your product in a retail environment and the last part of any marketing campaign.

Several factors play a pivotal role in how the final design appears after application to the product. The wrong font, color, adhesives, or materials can be detrimental to the final appearance. As you begin to make design choices for this important element of your merchandise, it is essential to assess how each choice will complement the other to have a flowing, appealing design.

Creating a Design to Get the Most Out of Product Development Labels

A label is the last form of marketing provided to potential customers and this makes it an important component to achieving sales. Take enough time to consider the following characteristics of product development labels before choosing a final design:

  • Colors – This element communicates as much information as words if not more. A color is able to convey a specific feeling, flavor, or unique scent. It will either draw the individual to make a purchase or send them off to buy from a competitor.
  • Images – Much like the use of hues, images also convey their own message. They should be perfectly balanced with colors and text to avoid confusion.
  • Fonts – Too many fonts or large variances in font sizes will take away from the simplicity and beauty of a good label. Choose a single font and stick with it for all text.
  • Size – The size should appropriately match the available space as one that is too small will not be as easy to see. An oversized version will not look appealing due to wrinkles or folds.

These four elements are imperative to any product development label and due to this it is essential to carefully consider your options. Remember to include contact information to prevent customer frustration. Use the perfect combination of images, colors, and text to tell a story, create unique designs with varying images, or to add interesting facts about the product.

Flexo-Graphics provides several choices and years of experience you can draw from when putting together product development labels. If you have a specific idea in mind, our team will work with you create a custom design that makes your idea a reality. Contact us today to learn more!


Best Uses for Multi-Panel Labels

What are multi-panel labels? Sometimes referred to as extended booklet content labels, these multi-panel labels are used for consumer goods such as over the counter medicines that require further text or explanation, in addition to the standard product details, that can fit on a traditional label. These labels are best used to save space while still providing pertinent information, such as for products that have legal disclaimers or the need to include instructions in multiple languages.  Multi-panel labels allow the ability to keep consumers informed without having to change the overall appearance, brand designs, or logos.

Common Uses for Multi-Panel Labels 

Multi-panel labels are used across several industries often to convey government warnings, legal disclaimers, specific use instructions, or nutritional and allergen facts. Some of the more conventional uses of these labels are as follows:

  • Vitamins and Medicines – to explain possible drug interactions and give instructions on accurate use and dosage.
  • Cosmetic Products – to warn of potential allergic reactions, explain application processes, and how to properly store the product.
  • Chemicals and Pesticides – often used to state any warnings and potential hazards that could occur with use, as well as explain instructions for proper use.

Multi-panel labels solve the issue of providing customers with important consumer information to keep them safe and informed, without having to change a design or branding that consumers are familiar with. For these reasons, you want to choose a label provider that can accurately depict you brand, provide the necessary information, and produce a high quality label that is durable and resistant.

Flexo-Graphics is a proud provider of many different styles of labels, including multi-panel labels, for consumer goods. They can help you convey your message through a multi-panel label, while keeping the integrity of your branding and design. We offer many styles of multi-panel labels to help you find the label that best suits your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about these labels and set up a consultation to find the label that works best for you.


Are you Getting the Most from your Product Labels?

Product labels: You see them everywhere from packaged noodles to the latest tech gadget. For businesses, these are important tools used to achieve a climbing path toward success. A product label allows you to market company products and get noticed. If every product sat on a shelf with basic packaging and no other information, it would be hard to get the sell!

Labels help customers identify products by containing the perfect combination of design elements and information. They serve many purposes including the following:

  • Brand Identification
  • Product Identification
  • Type Differentiation
  • Federal Regulation Compliance
  • Provide Safety or Usage Information

The main purpose of any product label is to get your brand and product noticed. At the same time, every product must have certain details or instructions to meet regulations and ensure consumer safety. Additional steps may be taken to increase visibility among potential buyers.

Boosting Marketing Power

Product labels may be used to increase consumer appeal and out sell the competition in a number of ways. Labels come in a variety of shapes, designs, and finishes. One approach is to use these options to create an artistic feel or to increase notice-ability. It may require a little creativity to come up with the perfect strategy, but only including required elements does not make the most of this marketing investment.

For a label to be successful, it needs to have an eye-catching design that stands out to potential buyers. One design option could be to use a booklet style to provide your company background or a quirky story. When a customer is able to relate, the more like they will become a long-term buyer. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Include Promotions
  • Use Unique Short Print Designs
  • Design for Seasons or Holidays
  • Combine Base, Inks, and Finishes in a Unique Way
  • Maintain a Clean, Simple Design with a Message

A product label should clearly portray your merchandise and brand; however, it must also get the customers attention among many similar items. It should be distinctive from competitors as well as be compelling to buyers. Think of it as a blank canvas with endless possibilities. If you are not taking the time to go beyond the standard design, then you are not getting the most of out of this marketing tool.

At Flexo-Graphics, we offer several options to help you achieve the perfect product label. Contact us today to learn more about these options and how our team can help you get the most out of a design!

hemp oil

Hemp Packaging and Product Label Considerations

Hemp products have been around for a long time. It has routinely been used in a variety of consumer products including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, & more. Only recently has its value as a food product and supplement been realized. With the emergence of hemp in the health food/medicinal industry many new manufacturers may not be familiar with all the packaging options available. Below we look at a few important considerations to review when selecting a package and labeling option for hemp products.

  • Durability – Strength is by far the most critical aspect of any retail packaging. The durability of the packaging must be able to withstand environmental conditions, shipping, and the normal wear and teat that comes from handling.
  • Shelf life — The best packaging will preserve the products freshness and nutritional value, thus prolonging its shelf life.
  • Marketing & POS – Have you chosen packaging that will help drive sales? Do you have single serving options? Is it easy to label and brand? Does it provide versatile display options e.g. hanging, stacking, standing?
  • Eco-friendly — Many consumers of hemp products seek them as alternatives to traditional medicines. This type of consumer is also typically concerned with the environment. Environmentally friendly packaging can go a long way in promoting sales. It is also creating a good image for your company when you show concern for the environment.

Once you’ve determined what type of packaging will be best for your hemp product, you will want to partner with an experienced printing company to get the best possible labeling to promote your product.

Looking for Hemp Product Labels?

At Flexo-Graphics, we have been working in the nutraceutical world for decades. Our team has been helping supplement suppliers get the most from their packaging and labels. We will help you choose the right materials and processes to gain appealing, durable, hemp product label. Choose a custom label with high-quality materials to stand out from the competition and set your brand apart. Our team will help you in the journey to finding the perfect labeling solution! Call us today, or fill out our contact form here.


Looking for CBD Product Label Printing Services?

Over 47 million people in the United States died in 2017 from opioid abuse. Fortunately, the hemp and marijuana industries have stepped up to offer alternatives such as cbd oils for people who suffer with chronic pain. As consumers move away from addictive opioids, the demand for cbd products is growing and predicted to reach 22 billion by the year 2022. This staggering prediction is fantastic, but it is almost scary news for CBD based product manufacturers. Now is the time for them to create business relationships that can grow with them and one often overlooked are is labeling. Now is the perfect time to be looking for CBD product label printing services with a company who can meet your current and future needs.

Currently the consumer market is wide open for CBD. Some people love oils, while others prefer edibles. The potential CBD products are only limited by manufacturers imaginations. Whether your product is going to be packaged in jars, bottles, tubes or pouches, you should work with labeling companies that have the knowledge and experience to get you the proper label for your specific application. Let’s look at some of the things you should consider when selecting the proper label for any product.

  • Environment – What environmental conditions will your product be subjected to? Think about changing temperatures and humidity levels. All of these factors will affect the way the label looks and adheres to your product..
  • Durability– How long do you need the label to last? Do you know the shelf life of your product? If so, do you know what type of substrate and printing will endure for that time frame?
  • Design – Color, font, size, shape, print – all of these things really matter when it comes to design. Do you have an expert to walk you through what consumers respond to? Do you know how to determine what matte will give you the finished look intended?

There are so many steps that go into creating the best design possible for your product. me to find a good label manufacturer to walk you through the whole process.

Looking for CBD Product Label Printing Services?

We can help! We offer a variety of label solutions for different label applications and provide a great selection of product labels, among other benefits. To learn how we can use our special expertise to create precisely the type of labels you need, please call us today at (262) 790-2740, or fill out our contact form.