“Made in Wisconsin” Labels – Is Your Business Missing Out on an Important Marketing Tool?

Wisconsin is a leading producer in a number of industries from food and beverage items, household cleaning products to industrial and automotive manufacturing solutions. It has been an ongoing movement for local consumers to buy products made in the state to support the local communities. As part of this movement, organizations are using “Made in Wisconsin” labels to inform customers of where their product is manufactured or produced. The trend is so widespread that lists can be found online of companies in this particular state who sell goods to consumers!

The “Made in Wisconsin” label has grown in popularity as many companies are embracing the slogan and their roots as a Wisconsin-based business. Including this information on a product has become a way for each company to show their pride to the state and encourage local buying. It promises high quality to each customer and serves as a beacon of the hard work put into every produced product. This is more than just a label; it is a testament of what Wisconsin stands for.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward to Customers

Competition is fierce today with the number of online businesses, locally sourced products, and international offerings made available to consumers. Just like organic products, each company needs a way to distinguish themselves from the competition. The “Made in Wisconsin” statement is a pivotal marketing tool for your business!

Whether you manufacture heavy equipment or produce cranberries, this statement places an important status on each product where it is resides. Benefits gained from including “Made in Wisconsin” labels on products include:

  • Made in America
  • High Quality
  • Locally Sourced
  • Support for Local Economy
  • Support of Local Workers

When customers buy your products, they are supporting the local and U.S. economy. This ensures American workers are able to keep their jobs in Wisconsin and money from purchases go back into these communities. It also serves as a statement of the quality you provide to customers.

If you operate in Wisconsin and do not include this on products, you may be  missing out on an important status symbol that could increase business! If your products are “Made In Wisconsin” and you would like to include this statement on your product line, please reach out to Flexo-graphics to help with a label revision.  Contact us today to learn more!