Are Your Nutraceutical Snack Labels Getting Noticed?

Nutraceuticals or dietary supplements encompass a large variety of products including snacks packed with specific nutrients or vitamins. At one time this industry focused more on supplement capsules such as garlic or beet root. Today, nutraceuticals include drinks, snacks and other items offering similar benefits. This dietary category is derived from whole foods with the purpose of augmenting one’s health.

More consumers are turning to these products to gain the nutrition they need to stay energized and improve health. Additionally, these snacks are becoming a consistent part of kid’s lunches or consumers daily routines. As this trend continues, it is essential to ensure the right information is conveyed by each label used to market your products. Consumers have become more health conscious and will view this information prior to making a purchase as well as after it has been brought home.

Using Labels to Gain Shelf Presence

The nutraceutical industry is a constantly growing, changing, and regulatory market. Since these items can be food or dietary supplements, the regulations for what information must be included are strict. Additionally, they are the focal point of your marketing campaign. Shelves in every type of store are now overcrowded with these products making it imperative to choose the right materials, inks, printing process, and more. Consumers gain loyalty to brands catering to their specific beliefs or morals.

Nutraceutical snack labels offer an effective way to interact with existing and potential customers. If they are a new customer, then this piece of information will need to draw them in by gaining trust. Product labels must contain certain details to meet regulations, but also should put your brand out there. Numerous solutions are available to create the perfect nutraceutical snack labels for products. The following are a few options:

  • Extended Content Labels – ECL’s provide a way to include vast amounts of content for one snack product. They may be fold pullouts, booklets, or peel and reseal. This option provides a great way to meet all regulation requirements while promoting your brand.
  • Near Field Communication Labels – NFC’s allow consumers to read more about a product by bringing a compatible device next to the label. This makes it easy to share additional information without increasing costs.
  • Shrink Sleeves – Sleeves cover the entire product thus offering increased security and tamper-evident qualities. They provide increased branding space along with moisture protection.

Nutraceutical snack labels must have the right qualities to not only protect the product, but also peak consumer interest. An experienced label provider will know what processes and materials are best to showcase your brand. They offer custom solutions for optimal brand promotion. Customers frequently choose these snacks based on packaging. Labels need to be visually stunning to initially grab attention and then convey specifically offered benefits.

By conveying this information in a way that meets the needs of consumers, there is a better chance of gaining brand awareness and loyalty. A clean, white label might be best for one product while another is better suited with a shrink sleeve or ECL. Call Flexo-Graphics today to learn how we can help you achieve eye-catching, informative nutraceutical snack label designs.